What does the Law of Attraction have to do with Vision Boards?


Vision Boards are powerful goal-setting tools that increase your emotional state, or energetic vibration, through use of a visual collection of your goals and dreams.

Any teacher, or student, of the “Law of Attraction” will tell you that this “Law” is actually a derivative of the “Law of Vibration.”

The Law of Vibration decrees that every thing in the Universe is energy, and that this energy is never at rest and in a constant state of vibration.

The specific rate of vibration of an object attracts other energies that are at a similar rate of vibration.

As human beings our feelings, or emotions, determine our level of vibration, and thereby determine what we will attract into our lives.

This is why it so vitally important that we express control over our emotions, and also sheds light onto why some people claim that Affirmations don’t work for them.

Affirmations are basically just meaningless words just as Vision Board are basically meaningless pictures, words and images. They only become meaningful, and creative, when you're able to evoke strong feelings and emotions.

Napoleon Hill, author of the timeless self-help classic, “Think and Grow Rich” refers to Affirmations as Autosuggestions and states, “The mere reading of the words is of NO CONSEQUENCE–UNLESS you mix emotion, or feeling with your words. You will get no appreciable results until you learn to reach your subconscious mind with thoughts, or spoken words which have been well emotionalized with BELIEF.”

The same holds true with Vision Boards.

The real magic of Vision Boards is their ability to help you reach your subconscious mind, and ignite the Law of Attraction, by putting you in the proper emotional state, or vibrational harmony, with your goals and dreams.

You achieve this vibrational match by "feeling your goals;" ie feeling the actual emotion if your goals were already a living, breathing reality.

Vision Boards have evolved greatly over the years, and there are now many different versions including corkboards, posterboards, software, screensavers... There’s even an app for that!

But what’s important to remember is that it’s not the medium that matters most, but the emotional state you’re able produce from the medium.

Regardless of the type of Vision Board you choose to create (corkboard, screensaver, app), your goal is always the same.

"Feel Your Goals."

Create a postive emotional feeling and strong belief that you WILL achieve your goal. This is precisely how you activate the Law of Attraction, or Law of Vibration.

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Chuck Morrison is a former corporate slave turned entrepreneur, business owner and success coach who founded the personal development brand, "Making Mountains Move," and created the successful iPhone Vision Board App: Vision Board Pro.

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