No matter which course is selected, all international students that plan to study in Australia need to apply for the same type of student visa - Subclass 500. And luckily, now they can complete the application online. Then how to apply for student visa for Australia online? The followings are 2 methods for your reference:

Method 1. Apply for Australian Student Visa via Official Website

The most common way to apply for an Australian student visa online is to submit your application via official website.

Step 1. Prepare Required Materials

The following materials need to be scanned and uploaded to the visa application system:

1.Valid passport
2.ID card
3. Birth certificate (requires notarization)
4. Degree certificate, transcript and studying certificate (requires notarization, but if the school can provide the English version of the stamp, the documents do not need to be notarized.)
5. Resume
6. Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)
7. Letter of offer
8. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) - you need to provide a brief description of why studying in Australia, planning after graduation, work experience, immigration history, etc., to show that you are only studying in Australia, no immigration tendency
9. Insurance
10. If you have changed your name, you need to provide relevant certification materials.

After the visa application process is simplified, the following materials are optional but you are still recommended to prepare them:

1. No criminal record certificate (requires notarization)
2. Language transcripts
3. Proof of assets: proof of deposit or loan certificate, or scholarship certificate
4. Your research plan

Step 2. Online Australian Student Visa Application

- Use the common email address to register with the Australian Immigration website:
- Fill in the form online and upload the material
- Pay for the visa fee online. You can use VISA, Mastercard and other credit card to complete the payment.

Step 3. Purchase Insurance

Australia requires all international students to purchase health insurance, namely the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which is organized by some schools and purchased by students.

Either way you choose, you will receive a confirmation letter from the insurance company after purchase, which includes information such as the Policy Number, the name of the insurance company, and the validity period of the insurance. You need to provide these info when filling out the application form online.

Step 4. Take Medical Examination

The Australian Immigration Service requires each visa applicant to undergo a health check.

There are two ways to check the medical examination:
- The first is to submit a visa application, the visa officer will notify the medical examination when he begins to review the materials.
- The second is to apply for an advance medical examination, and complete the medical examination items required for the visa before submitting the visa application.

Step 5. Get the HAP ID

The HAP ID is the number that you need to provide during your medical examination, and it is also the number you need to provide when you apply for a visa.

Method 2. Apply for Australian Student Visa via CatEight

Another way recommended here is to use CatEight. It has the Visa Application function that enables users to apply for student visa in Australia or other countries with simple clicks:

Step 1. Log in Your Account

Go to CatEight ( > Visa Application then log in with your CatEight account.

Step 2. Provide the Required Info & Documents

- Click on “Create a New Profile” to set up your own profile. The information you need to provide include: Applicant Details, Educational Background, English Proficiency, Guardian Details, Passport & Visa Info, Work Experience, Source of Income and Health & Insurance, etc.

- Choose Australia as your destination then add the course that you want to study.

- Choose a submission method: Agent or Request Pool.

Step 3. Save or Send Your Application

After providing all the needed information, you should check the notification saying “I have read and agree to the Agreement of Third Party’s Using of CatEight” then click on “Save” to save the application as a draft or “Submit” to send your application case.

This is how to apply for student visa for Australia online. Wish it can help you.

Author's Bio: 

Maria, an editor specialized in overseas study.