Think on the outset what kind of attitude and mindset you are going to carry into your initial approach with girls and decide what type of girls you really want. Once you find out what type of girl you want, it’s time to go and get her! Lets go a bit deeper in finding out how to approach girls, then after you can worry about setting up that first date.

First off, pickup lines; they just flat out do not work. Want to know why? Reason is that they are so ordinary and predictable, that's the exact thing that a girl does not want from a guy.

You look just like every ordinary guy when you approach girl with the typical pickup line. That's not what you want. Women love excitement, a spontaneous person, full of surprises; that's what they want.

They also want someone that is real. Don’t look like you're just copying someone else’s lines when you are taking to a girl. Just talk to her like you just noticed her with confidence, and you made the decision to pursue the girl.

Don't pretend to be someone you're not, just be open, be honest.

Relax your body, lean back, open your arms, legs and take it easy. Open up your body language.

Look your girl directly in the eye. This is important, you don’t want to be looking away or looking down. That's a sign of lack of confidence or that you’re really not that into her.

The most important one of all, if you are able to surprise your girl, which is a critical way of making an impression and developing her attraction toward you, then you're in for some good times. Actually she is.

Often times you will not be able to approach her initially, you may have to go through her people first, or her group of friends.

If you've got some friends with you, this is where the wingman; approach comes to play.

Be sure that you or your friends all understand here where each others roles are at. Don't just dive in there with different agendas. There's nothing worse that one guy going into a group of girls all relaxed and cool, then another guy being all uptight. Just be open with your friends on your tactical approach.

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