The very idea of walking up to a beautiful woman or a group of girls whom you have never met before to start a conversation can be very a daunting and deeply petrifying for many men.

However it can be very easy task if you know how to conquer your fears with women.
So why are guys so afraid of approaching women and chatting up with them? Well, there are a number of reasons and usually they are just self conjured imaginary fears.

Firstly, even before the approach begins, many men would have already scared themselves bonkers with the imaginations of getting rejected and shot down on the spot and in the process, making a downright fool of themselves. That is why guys squirm at the idea of approaching a strange woman.

Another reason could be that guys presume that girls will immediately think that they are trying to pick them up and will therefore put up a lot of resistance and making it difficult to start conversations. Furthermore, most men know that approaching women and befriending them successfully involve more than just simply the approach and opening lines. They are afraid of what comes after that and whether they can maintain the conversation or get tongue tied and in the process looking like a petrified clown.

As I said earlier, most of the time these are just imaginary fears. If you confidently approach women and is able to have good conversations with them, most girls will welcome you. Of course there will be some disappointments now and then, but what if you succeed most of the time, which is most likely the case?
So in order to be successful with girls, the first thing you need to do is to overcome any fear of approaching them. So how do you do that?

You can start by eliminating any thoughts of approaching women. This is because if you do, your mind chatter will conjure up imaginary problems, obstacles and difficulties along the way.

So you need to nip the mental chatter at the bud, so much so that when you are actually approaching women, do not actively think about how you are going to get her number or email address or what you are going to talk about or what you are going to do. Let your instinct take over and let the meeting be free flowing. Things will just happen naturally when you are not thinking too much and getting all tensed up with so many thoughts or reservations.

Have utmost faith in yourself. You are approaching people and starting conversations everyday, aren't you? You are taking calls and talking to strangers when at work or that your work entails you to approach clients and business associates, don't they? So what is the big deal about approaching women and striking up conversations with them since it is already the norm in your life to do so?

If you can have fun and lively conversations with your male friends or even female colleagues, why can't you have the same with girls whom you have just met? All you need to do is just to be a little laid back and being unconcerned with what the outcome of your approach and conversation will be.

This last bit may come as a surprise to you, but women really like it when guys approach them and bowl them over with their charm, confidence and humor. So approaching strange beautiful women may be much easier than you really think. Isn't it about time you overcome and conquer your fears?

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