How to avoid being cheated on by Beth Shepherd psychic . Whether it is in a private matter, an emotional or a financial one there is always someone out there waiting to hopefully con you. With emotional issues it can hurt a lot more if they succeed.
But there is a fool proof way to make sure it never happens to you. It works for me and it can work for you too.

All you have to do is think through everything you are being told by this other person. After all you do not know if they are genuine or not till you have given it a lot of thought. Do not make the mistake of just assuming they must be telling the truth, especially if you have a lot to lose. Beth Shepherd, the leading agony aunt, relationship expert and psychic knows.

I know a lady who met a man who was married and he was desperate to have sex with her. She was completely disgusted by the idea that he was married and it was just a sexual he wanted from her. So he told her that he was madly in love with her and wanted to leave his wife for her and would do as soon as he could. She immediately believed him. But she had no proof. In fact nobody could know whether this was true or not until if and when he left.
The sensible thing would have been for her to say that he must leave first before they get together. But he wanted her to wait THREE YEARS for him to be able to sort out his life before he could walk away from one woman to be with the other. She gave him the benefit of the doubt and at the end of the three years she found out that most of it had been lies and she had been used for three years.

Now how could she have known this? Well for one thing.
If this man was so keen he would not need three years to sort things out, he would have speeded it up. For another he hardly knew her when he first made this promise. It is very unlikely that a man would decide to leave a woman he has been with for many years for one he has only known a few months.

You can go to fortune tellers who will tell you that they can know what will happen next but how do you know you can trust them to get it right? You would have to be very selective and not trust just anyone. This is where it is important to go to someone who is reputable and who has proven that they can do this properly before they ask you for your money and trust. Somewhere such as where each of their experts is fully tested and developed before being allowed to work for you, the general public. Pay a fair price and you get a fair service.

How to avoid being cheated on.

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