A piece with the word "wizard" in the title should have just a bit of up front clarification on terms. We're not quite writing about Dungeons and Dragons here.

The question of free will is an item that brings many to inquire about the many different techniques in which humans can execute power over the occurrences of life. Those who deliberately and actively seek to grow their interior energies so that they can influence consequence in the exterior world and do so in a context of connecting to the Divine, especially through Nature, may be said to practice magick.

Typically, in the neo-pagan practices, it is understood that one who does so can be called a wizard or witch, or priest/priestess. Nevertheless, the labels are not what's crucial. They carry a lot of cultural baggage to certain people.

Any individual with an open mind and heart can benefit from what's being discussed here, so take a broad view of terms like "wizard" if it helps.

The fundamental practice here, like in most other spiritual traditions, is quieting yourself on the inside, experiencing your internal wisdom. The drone of the outside world leads you astray from from the deeper knowing within. Meditation is how you will encourage your aptitude to hear the whisperings of your true Being. It tunes down the drone on the passing circumstances of life that cause you to scatter your attention.

A great number of meditations exist. One that is usually helpful for beginners is to maintain focus for just five minutes each day on your breathing. Step up the time accordingly.

Particularly important in the so-called pagan traditions is spending time in a natural setting, which further calibrates you with the wisdom of The Universe. If you want to have an understanding of how to be a wizard or witch, you will want to listen closely to the cycles of seasons and the rewards of Nature.

Neo-pagans follow quite a few holidays through the year that exhibit the energies of a specific season. There are eight "sabbats" that are celebrated throughout what is known as the Wheel of the Year. Besides that, getting to know about herbs and plants will make you aware of the nurturing that Nature provides to her children that walk on the Earth. You may be called to be a healer with herbs, you may be called to making food using more regional ingredients. No matter what, an instinct for these gifts will give you a better perception of your interconnectedness with the universe, both local and eternal.

Given that pretty much everything is a cycle, it is worth noting that the above practices cause a cycle of influence. As you are more centered in the holistically balanced energy fields of nature, you will be aware of what you want, and know how to responsibly exert your desire. The true use of "magick" sees the practitioner as part of all that is. Therefore, anyone who practices these arts with full understanding knows that it doesn't make sense, and usually isn't event desirous, to cause harm to anyone else or anything. it would literally be cutting your nose to spite your face.

Upon attuning to your inner life in meditation, and appreciating the cycles you are part of on a more macrocosmic scale through your communion with nature, you'll find the approaches that appeal to you. You may uncover a talent for the psychic arts. Or tarot. You will furthermore be able to better tell how much of the path you intend to walk on in solitude, and to what degree you want to be part of a group. There are ordinarily plenty of local wiccan communities you can find if you perform a web based search.

The path of the wizard has a framework, but lots of room for making it your own. I will get into the details more in subsequent material.

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