Mind, Body, Soul


Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Guide and Teacher
Michelle Morovaty

Dear Loved Ones,

At times where there is no hope, thoughts of death may arise in ones mind.
As these thoughts arise, one may believe that death of ones love is the only way out.
Dying in the midst of hopelessness may be the answer for some.
As some may surrender the will to be alive to dying........ surrendering to the despair and sorrow within the heart that is broken.

Nothing is broken unless we say it is broken. Nothing is hopeless unless we declare it hopeless.
Nothing is unchangeable unless we believe it to be.

In this case the death of all love is not only the physical body dying to transition and to decompose.
Death of the love within while one decides and chooses to withhold the wholly divine love within, to give in and to give up on life for a purpose of "depression".

Depressing the love within due to "being right" or to "being lonely" or to "being mis-understood" or to being "victimized" or to being "left behind and rejected"..........and so on.

Today is a new day! Today is a reminder of life. To look upon the blessings with a heart of gratitude, is to be alive. Today is the day to regenerate the life force within through the
life giving force. Today is a day for the restoration of the past.

Today is the day for a grand choice to be made. The choice to allow the love within to come alive. To speak health and well being to oneself. To connect to the heart of God for love and light. To reconnect to ones Soul with joy and acceptance.

As you will so shall it Be. And let the blessings of Love Be today and everyday within and without.

Thank you God for your divine presence. We love you inside and out. Amen!

Author's Bio: 

Michelle is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Guide,Teacher, Master Dahn Yoga Healer, Wellness Coach, and Writer. She is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Master Time Line Therapy and Master Hypnotherapist. Certified brain Management Consultant. She is a Certified Reiki and Pranic Healer. Michelle experienced her inner awakening to her True Self, the God within, as she learned to heal herself from Lupus CNS in 2002. Since then she is guided from within, as a channel for the light, guiding others in their healing process Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. Her life purpose is to support and awaken people to their True Selves, the Power within and to cause and create Oneness inside and out. Michelle also connects to the Spiritual World for assistance where Love is the essence of Truth and Oneness.