Romance never goes out of style it is the spice that boosts the sex life and most importantly its affirmation of the love and appreciation you have for your wife. After many years of raising kids, paying bills and the stresses on the job and daily life, you may forget how much you love each other, or take for granted the little things that are done to make your life a bit easier. You do the same for her all the time. When you bring home parts of your day, the good parts or when you simply share your life with her or remember to take on some household responsibility. And sometimes that’s enough, but not always.
There may be many days where you are both so exhausted you barely speak and end up sleeping with your backs to each other. Other days sex may be an automatic release for both of you, just something to let go of pent up energy. No real romance or love, just the animal pleasure and there is nothing wrong with that, but constant days of no mention of love or tenderness can turn a marriage cold.
There are many ways to spark the romance. Flowers are always a good idea. Sending your wife flowers unexpectedly and asking her for a date is a good way to spark the romance. Gifts of lingerie and spa passes are also great ways to romance your wife. Trips and dinner, movies and flowers are fine, but you can’t do it every day. There is only one real thing to keep the romance alive in your marriage, and it’s the simple use of touch and words. Words carry more impact than any rose and can be just as sweet.
For example, first thing in the morning when you see your wife, you may want to touch her lightly on the shoulder, or look into her face and move a strand of hair. Or you may just simply say, “you smell delicious today.”
One kind well placed word can alter the whole vibration of the relationship and elevate it. Your wife will definitely notice if you suddenly out of the blue say. “you smell delicious” she may even suspect something is wrong with you and that you want something from her or are going to announce some terrible thing and you are softening the blow, so if she asks, just tell her…I’m practicing being more romantic and leave it at that.
Just saying “thank you” goes a long way in sparking a romance. Particularly if you look her in the eyes as you did the first time you tried to romance her. Touching her hand while you reach for your cup of coffee or holding her hand at an event is also a good way of keeping things connected between you.
Leave little notes with quirky jokes or sayings is also a great way to romance her or at least show her you are sharing something you thought was funny or cute with her.
Ask her to go for a walk with you or better yet watch something on television that SHE would rather watch. It may be a sappy romantic drama, but sharing it with her will mean a whole lot and you can always watch your programs some other time. It’s okay to watch your favorite programs in separate rooms, just make sure you make a “date” to watch something together.
Tell your wife she is beautiful even when she’s at her worst, or comes home looking like something the cat dragged in. Say “you are some spectacular looking woman.” Or “You bring magic into the room when you walk in.” sure it sounds silly but let’s face it, it’s romantic and even though she doesn’t think you are sincere, it will most definitely put a smile on her face, particularly if you are persistent with the flattery and kind words.
Lord Byron and all those old romantic poets had it right. Bryon wrote: She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies, and all that best of dark and bright meets in her aspect and her eyes.” Maybe people don’t speak that way anymore, but let’s face it, it still works. Telling your wife she walks in beauty like the night can’t hurt either.
So the next time your wife walks into the room you could say: Other men said they have seen angels, but I have seen you and that’s enough. Or just simply say, “thank you for being you.” Either way you will find yourself having a lot more fun with a bit of romance.

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Cristina is a five-star intuitive and spiritual adviser and expert to the world at LivePerson. She has helped thousands of people reach their full potential when it comes to love and relationshipsShe is also a best-selling author of Gypsy Wisdom and Ancient Magick for the Modern witch.