According to the identity theft Canada statistics, the cases are on the rise, with 12.46 incidents per 100,000 residents. This means that the cases of identity theft have increased six times since 2019.

This also means that a lot of people are being cautious. They may cause someone to mistakenly commit identity theft. So, this article is about what if you have been charged with identity theft.

Can you protect yourself? And get the legal procedures with contractor fraud lawyers to beat up these charges. Here will make sure you get the necessary and initial understanding of what to do?

But first, let's clear a few things out about identity theft.

What Is ID Theft And Different Types Of ID Theft?

If we can make a definition for id theft, it could be described like this. (A serious crime where your private information is adjusted by an imposter who intends to commit fraud in using your name.)

And this private or personal information is anything from your name, driver’s license, or Social Insurance Number. More precisely with the Social Insurance Number, if someone got it. They can easily obtain false lines of credit and rack up significant debt in your name.

Also, a stolen id can ruin your record of good behavior by leaving a legal matter, which will be added false as a criminal record.

Thus, whenever you are caused by id fraud, you need to take the matter seriously. This is because it is a real matter people face these days. So, having an expert defense lawyer, like Slaferek Law firm, assist you in cleaning your name from this causation.

Types Of Identity Theft?

There are many ways that identity theft can steal from you. Yet the most common types of id theft are:

New bank account id theft.
Medical identity theft.
Employment id fraud.
Tax identity theft

The other form of id fraud is, applying for loans by your name, renting a car, and setting up accounts on social media with your name and photos.

What Are Criminal Defenses For Identity Theft Charges?

Finding yourself being caused by identity fraud charges is a serious matter that requires your attention.

But if you do not respond to it quickly, these charges can flip your world upside down, like making you unemployed, and you might face severe sentences if the charges are tough.

The best way to solve this matter is to have a legal forgery lawyer in Edmonton, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Ways To Beat Up The ID Theft Charges With Criminal Defence Lawyer:

There are certain ways that can beat up the identity theft case against you. To make sure you get the right method, you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer to help you with years of practice areas.

So, your clean record and reputation are at stake; you must hire a law firm that intimately knows the criminal defense and prosecution system in Edmonton. And here are the method that will get your name clean:

Mistaken Identity:

The first method is the defended claim that " they got a mistake in getting him or her." Raising a defense of mistaken identity requires considerable evidence.

If the identity theft violation took place over the internet or by using electronic means. Your defense attorney will need to work with computer experts. To explain how the evidence shows that you were not the individual who committed the offense.

Permission To Use Private Information:

If you are poor, that is the person who is causing you id theft. Permit you to use his or her private information. And you just did what they asked you to do, like collect a delivery. Then with your defense lawyer, you can prove that you are not convicted of identity theft.

Lack of Intent:

This legal method assists you in proving you are not an id fraud because there is no proof of intent.

This is because the prosecution is required to prove that you had the intent to use another person’s private identifying information for an unlawful objective.

Lacking evidence:

Lastly, if the prosecution did not provide the court with convincing evidence, it's essential that your skilled and expert forgery lawyer at Edmonton prove that each element of the charge is beyond a reasonable doubt.

Final Words,

Identity theft is not just a story you hear or a movie you watch. Id theft is a serious crime that could happen to anyone, and anyone can charge you with it.

So, if you are being caused by this crime, you need to get the best criminal lawyers in Edmonton. To get your name cleaned by fighting for you and skillfully showing the courts that not all people who make mistakes are criminals. And some are just being caused because they're naive.

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Being caused by id theft can make you lose everything besides your good reputation. So you need the best forgery lawyer in Edmonton.