A commis chef is the first entry-level position given to any new chef. In other words, a commis chef is a junior chef who works under a chef de partie in kitchens. These are mostly fresh graduates of culinary courses or students who are still completing their degree. This article will help you to know more about commis chef as a career. There are basically two levels of for it, commis chef and first commis chef. A commis chef does the basic works in the kitchen and assists other chefs. This doesn’t imply that the works are going to be light.

Definitely being a commis chef involves a lot of responsibilities. The first commis chefs are the most experienced ones among other commis chefs. They will be overseeing the rest of the commis and furthermore, they will have a good experience and knowledge regarding different sections of the kitchen. The basic responsibilities of commis are to assist other chefs in the kitchen, helping out in carrying and unpacking the deliveries the kitchen would frequently receive, precisely measuring the ingredients for recipes before the kitchen opens so that it becomes easy for the chefs to start their work, getting all the meats and vegetables prepared like cleaning and cutting them which would also help them to practice different cutting techniques, cleaning different stations of the kitchen to avoid food contamination and to be cent percent hygienic and so on. Basically, they have to ensure that works are organized in a kitchen.

A commis chef is expected to get an annual salary between $20,000 - $25,000. But keep in mind, it’s an entry-level position and with good skills and experienced gained a quick learner can definitely look forward to getting promotions easily. In general, no specific qualifications are required to become a commis chef. But as the industry is growing at a tremendous rate, every hotel is now demanding qualified professionals in every section. Hence it’s preferred to earn a degree in the field.

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