Almost everybody wants to know how to become rich! People may know the steps, they may have invested in books, CDs and DVDs that teach them the key steps, but there still might be something holding them back. In this article, you'll read about the top excuses that you'll need to overcome in order to become rich.

If you ask just about anyone who isn't rich on how to become rich, they will most likely have many of the answers already. People know how to become rich, in general! But ask them why they themselves aren't rich and you'll get a wealth of excuses and reasons as to why they are not sitting by the pool sipping martinis!

In the journey to wealth, step one is overcoming the excuses that could be holding you back from becoming rich.

Wealth-Killer Excuse #1: "Now Is Not a Good Time"

You don’t get wealthy by procrastinating. Starting now is better than not starting at all. Investing in your future requires you to save and invest your money and leap into the world of entrepreneurship and investment. If you work for someone else and don't have time to focus on wealth creation during the working week then consider researching and starting your own business at the weekends or after work. In order to be become rich and financially free you must eventually make this step.

Wealth-Killer Excuse #2: "The Market Isn't Where I Want It to Be"

There's a saying in the stock market world: "It's not about timing the market, it's time IN the market. And this is generally true for all types of investments and businesses. You must get in the game. Success comes from being in the market rather than waiting for exactly the right time. People who make the leap to entrepreneurship know that you can't time the market; it will never seem like the right time.

Wealth-Killer Excuse #3: "I'm Not Sure What To Sell"

There are so many options out there. There are literally millions of opportunities out there. You can sell all kinds of things. There's no sense waiting for the perfect product to come along. You don’t necessarily have to sell product. You could also sell services. Start with something that interests you or that you’re passionate about. You could try getting your feet wet in Ebay, affiliate marketing, freelancing, and other small business opportunities. You may find some projects to be more costly than others to set up, and some to be more profitable. The main thing is to try something and see if it works for you.

Wealth-Killer Excuse #4: "There's Too Much Competition"

There is competition in every market. Start-ups sometimes falter not because of the competition but because they haven't differentiated themselves sufficiently from the competition. If your small business is just getting off of the ground but you're worried about your competitors, spend the next day or two thinking about what makes your business unique and then develop that into your brand.

Wealth-killer excuse #5: "I'm Not Sure What To Do Next"

Not knowing what to do next can be a big cause for concern for would-be entrepreneurs. But what really successful people will tell you is this: It doesn't matter what you do next, just do something. Take that important next step. You will sometimes fail and you will sometimes succeed, but if you learn from your failures then it is always success!

These aren't the only wealth-killing excuses you'll hear that keep you from generating wealth. But if you want to know how to become rich, a good first step is to figure out if any of these are holding you back and eliminate them from your life!

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