Have you ever wondered why you are not getting ahead in life? Have you attended different seminars or even read many success and wealth related books, but unable to apply it?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions. It means you are looking for a purpose in life. And am here to tell you that you are at the door of success, but you fail to understand the lock combinations involved.

This reminded me of a student in my school, Adeola. Adeola is a very brilliant student but she has a but-she fails mathematics all the time.

The parent having noticed this problem employed the help of the best mathematics teacher with a very brilliant track record.Was he able to help Deola pass mathematics? Yeah he tried but she still failed.

Fraustrated she came to my office crying that she is a waste of her parent.After much discussion i discorvered that the root of her problem was not the teaching but a particular program running in her system and that is her belief system-hatred and fear of mathemathics.

So she was helped to change her belief and guess what, she passed her final papers with just a month of preparation.

LESSON:Many of us are just like Adeola, we fail because of belief is not in congruence with what we want. and reamenber that no one can change an apple to a pawpaw by attaching a pawpaw to an apple, but only by changing the seed.

Change your limiting belief to unlimited and you will experience abundance. This can be done through a simple shift in your thought over the next 90 days.

Plant a new seed that match the outcome you are expecting.

Author's Bio: 

Joy Akinlolu is a successful motivational speaker with over 15years of assisting people to discorver their path. You can know more about Joy at www.successtricks.com