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A panic attack is a sudden experience of extreme anxiety and fear. It occurs without warning and for no particular reasons. The symptoms of these attacks include heart palpitations, headaches, backaches, trembling, improper vision, sweating and at times an acute fear of dying. Although they can be very distressing, they generally cause no physical harm and tend to last between five and twenty minutes. The real problem is psychological; regular panic attacks can seriously hamper an individual's social and professional life.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Here are 4 great ways to help stop anxiety attacks today!

1. Diet: A diet rich in vitamins and other nutrients is the bedrock of any treatment plan. At the same time, it has been found that a diet rich in specific minerals like magnesium and potassium helps prevent panic attacks. Experts also claim that regular consumption of stimulants like alcohol and caffeine can lead to increased nervous system imbalances which will lead to more attacks. Thus such stimulants must be eradicated from the diet of any individual suffering from panic or anxiety attacks.

2. Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT is the name given to a number of behavioral techniques which are used by psychologists and psychiatrists to help individuals suffering from these anxiety attacks. CBT is a psychotherapy treatment which includes group therapy, breathing and relaxation techniques and other forms of therapy which help affected individuals become calmer and also help them identify the triggers that lead to panic attacks. CBT is arguable considered one of the most successful treatment to stop

3. Medication: Anti-psychotic drugs are used to treat individuals who experience recurring panic attacks. Since these medications can have potentially serious side-effects, they should be taken under strict medical supervision. Two main types of medications, viz. SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and benzodiazepines are used to treat these attacks and even panic disorder. The long term use of such medicines can lead to dependency, suicidal tendencies and a host of other serious side-effects.

4. Alternative Treatments: It has been proposed that various alternative treatments like special diets, special therapies, neurofeedback and even homeopathy have therapeutic value in the treatment of panic attacks. Unfortunately, such claims are hard to test and results might vary wildly from one person to the next.

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Along with the modern times, the people's way of life also evolved into something more complicated. Unfortunately, along with this kind of modern lifestyle come various disadvantages to each individual's health. The growing population of people suffering with anxiety is just one of the downside of the modern activities of this modern time.

Anxiety attack is not an isolated case as it is becoming a widespread problem to many hardworking individuals in the whole world. It is normally manifested in poor quality of sleep, too much stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and pollution. All of these signs could be observed from a person who is overly stimulated with their tasks to the point of lacking rest.

Anxiety attack sufferers may find this problem haunting and it is destroying them little by little. But, once they start changing their lifestyle into something better. They will surely regain the life they have lost because of anxiety issues. It is just a matter of change in one's lifestyle.

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This is where natural treatments enter the picture. They actually come in plenty of forms such as: cognitive brain training, relaxation techniques, proper diet, quality sleep, regular exercise and the likes. That when combined will definitely get you out of that trouble with anxiety.

If you look at each activity that comprises natural treatment, you could notice that they are already part of your daily routine. The only problem is you may have forgotten to allot an ample time for each of them. We could say that anxiety attack is an eye-opener for you to value and embrace a healthier lifestyle again. It is also a call for you to value your body by giving it extra care. Keep in mind, we are not robots, we are humans who need to rest once in a while.

Natural treatments are pretty easy to follow and implement. You don't even have to meet a doctor every now and then. The only person responsible and accountable to this whole process is you. Once you decide to start a new and better way of life, you must learn how to maintain it. For it is only then that you can totally acquire the total healing that you've been aiming for.

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It's undeniable that anxiety in all its form could really ruin an individual's life. A person with anxiety problems often loses self-confidence. For they have this constant worry of having an anxiety attack wherever they go. This eventually impacts their day to day activities in a negative way. Some would even choose to isolate themselves from the crowd, thinking that it's a much safer thing to do. Not knowing that it actually affects their social life and their relationship towards other people.

There is a higher tendency of anxiety attack in social gatherings like: parties, business gatherings, dates and the like. This makes it pretty hard for those who suffer this problem, leaving them uncomfortable in social functions.

But worry no more! For with the help of natural remedies all of these will surely be cured. Don't be blinded with the short term healing you can get from pills, though. Yes, they truly help ease the pain but unlike natural remedies they don't exactly help you address the root of your anxiety issues.

All of these anxiety related problems come from one common root cause which is an unbalanced nervous system. So, the only solution to this is the reconstruction of nerves in your brain. That could only be possible if you start living up to a healthy way of living.

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Why not start it now? It's easier than what you think. All of them are actually part of our daily living that only needs more value than what we normally give them. It comprises of: healthy choice of food intake, plenty amount of water intake, good relaxation techniques, quality sleep and regular exercise. A combination of all of these will serve well on achieving a more comfortable living. That is free from any type of anxiety!

Here are some additional tips that will help you fight against social anxiety:

• Drink more water as it keeps you body fit.
• Eat more protein rich food for it rebuilds neurotransmitters.
• Munch plenty of fruits and vegetables for it contains alkaline that is essential to the body and nervous system.
Exercise regularly as it burns out toxins that trigger anxiety attack.
• Take up yoga and deep breathing which help your brain feel relaxed.
• Get regular sleep cycle as it helps your brain and nervous system have time to repair.

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Overcoming social anxiety and shyness is often made far easier when you learn as much as you can about the condition itself. To help get you started, here are 6 facts about social anxiety.

1. Did you know that social anxiety is the most common of all the various forms of anxiety disorder? Social anxiety disorder affects more than 10 million Americans at any one time, putting it ahead of generalized anxiety disorder, which ranks second.

2. It's now firmly accepted by most experts that social anxiety is hereditary, and runs in families. There are also other factors that can contribute to the developing of social anxiety (environmental factors, upbringing, life experiences), but heredity is by far the most common shared cause.

3. Social anxiety disorder is sometimes referred to by its other name, social phobia. Social anxiety disorder and social phobia are characterized by intense fear of being in social situations, or even simply thinking about being in social situations. There is also almost always a fear of being scrutinized or of some form of negative evaluation.

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4. Specific situations that are likely to produce the fear reaction in people with social anxiety are: starting or maintaining conversations with strangers, speaking in public, taking part in meetings or group conversations, and dating.

5. Most people with social anxiety disorder are diagnosed in their mid-teens. The condition, if not addressed early on, typically worsens with age, and in some cases becomes a lifelong condition.

6. When someone with social anxiety disorder experiences fear because of their condition there are several common symptoms they'll often experience: sweating, nausea, blushing, palpitations, trembling. In some situations these symptoms may progress to a full-blown panic attack.

One of the best things you can do for yourself if you suffer from social anxiety disorder is to learn all you can about it. Sometimes, this alone is enough to get you back on the path to recovery. In fact, educating yourself on your conditions is one of the most beneficial steps you can take to overcoming your social anxiety and shyness in the quickest time possible.

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