You want to gain weight, but you don't want to gain fat. Lean muscle mass is what the goal should be. If it is already a battle just keep weight on, you may be thinking that it will be impossible to bulk-up without getting fat. You should not just focus on gaining weight, but you need to learn about putting-on lean muscle. By changing your outlook, you can gain weight at a fast pace, while developing an attractive physique as well.

* Strength Training

If you want to learn how to gain muscle, you need to know that training with heavier weights, doing fewer reps, will build the muscle. Doing exercises with lighter weights, and more reps, will give you the definition we all seek. It’s all about packing on the pounds while proportionally increasing your physical strength. Exercise variety and consistency are the keys to working, and developing all of your major muscle groups. This may include bench presses, pull-ups, squats, curls, dead-lifts, dips, and so on. If you are unsure of how to get started, consider joining a weight training class, or attending a fitness “boot camp”, which will teach you the basics of maximizing the efficiency of your workouts.

* Assess Your Current Dietary Habits

Choosing the right foods to eat to gain weight, will help you to achieve your goals of bulking up while building muscle. Get a notebook and write down your typical daily diet. Do you skip meals by drinking caffeine-laden beverages all day long? Do you skip breakfast? What types of food do you typically eat? Writing down your daily eating habits is a great way to get a visual account of your current habits so that you know what changes need to be made. Take notes on how certain foods affect you: your mood, and your energy levels.

* Eat Calorie Dense Nutritious Foods

If your breakfast currently consists of a cup of coffee and a Pop Tart, it’s time to change your dietary habits. Consuming foods that are rich in nutrients as well as calories, offers a healthy way to gain weight. Calorie dense, nutritious foods will also help you to stay on track, as far as your exercise routine is concerned. Muscles rely on nutrients, and eating a higher amount of healthy calories is an effective way to improve your physique while optimizing your overall health.

* What Foods Should You Eat To Gain Weight and Muscle?

If you would like to make the transition from "slim" to "buffed", then it is critical to make sure that you include healthy, energy-rich foods in your weekly meal plan. Foods that help you gain weight and muscle include:

- Complex carbohydrates, which are essential for the health of your body, especially if you are exercising to gain weight. Foods such as whole grain breads, bagels and pasta will restore glycogen so that your body has the energy it needs to perform workouts and build muscle.

-Dried fruits pack more calories per ounce than fresh fruit, and still offer plenty of nutritional value.

-Nuts and seeds are rich in calories and healthy fats.

-Granola or trail mix that includes a combination of grains, cereals, dried fruits, nuts and seeds is ideal for snacking on between meals.

How to gain muscle while not gaining fat must include the right foods, in the form of a healthy 7 day meal plan. This is in addition to regular strength training. Staying consistent with these practices will lead to quicker results. Recently, a lot of people have been taking advantage nutritional experts for providing them with a meal plan that is custom-tailored to their own individual needs.

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I am a writer, football player, hard worker, entrepreneur, and health and fitness fanatic. I love learning, writing, and creating new ways to help people understand the health and Fitness mysteries.

I played football at OleMiss and grew a huge passion for eating correctly and working out. I am a certified group class trainer and I teach group classes to change people lives. I also own a website that creates customized weekly meal plans for all ages, sexes, fitness levels, and goals.