Buying Bitcoins (BTC) can be regarded as the basic right of any human being and that they can do it anonymously or privately. Using cryptocurrency anonymously for whatever reason may it be is not anyone’s concern and should not be as well. No one is answerable to anyone why he or she has purchased a specific amount of Bitcoin and from where. There are many people like you out there who are pretty eager to know how to buy bitcoins anonymously. This article is particularly meant for them.

Before we directly jump into buying bitcoin anonymously, let us first take a bit of knowledge on the other ways of acquiring bitcoin apart from buying. With this, you can also differentiate and compare the various means of storing the cryptocurrency.

Various Methods Of Acquiring Bitcoin:

Currently, there are four ways of acquiring Bitcoins - mining, earning, exchanging, and buying. One can mine bitcoins with hardware meant for bitcoin mining. There is no transactional history of mining cryptocurrencies but it is not a realistic way whatsoever.

Bitcoin can be earned through working for a cryptocurrency company as well. This is a practical way of acquiring bitcoin but the method does not ensure anonymity. This is due to the fact that you are exposed to your employer and that your details may be passed on to the governmental agencies.

Bitcoin exchange can be done via the exchange of goods using a vendor shop or a marketplace. You sell goods in return for a specified bitcoin value. It does not require the involvement of fiat currency thus making the transaction anonymous and secured.

Anonymously Buy Bitcoin in Person:

Yes, you heard that right. You can buy bitcoin directly from any person or by yourself. The first instance is you have to contact a person who is ready to sell his bitcoin to you against a cash deal or fiat currency. You can search for the sellers via various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Localcryptos or LocalBitcoins utilizing the filter option. You can go ahead and select a specific area and contact the sellers and ask them if they are willing to meet you. But as of the current situation, the LocalBitcoins do not support the in-person meets any longer. The best suggestion would be to start off with a relatively low amount and build trust. Alternatively, you can contact some local vendors which you can get after you attend the Bitcoin meetups. You can search for LinkedIn and contact some OTC sellers. But make sure you do not meet someone who is likely to waste your time.

Another way in which you can grab some bitcoin in person is via Bitcoin ATMs. The Bitcoin ATMs let you swap fiat currency for cryptocurrencies. Finding a BTC ATM is relatively easier as compared to the centralized exchange and you have to be physically present in order to exchange fiat currency for Bitcoins. The BTCs you want to acquire directly get transferred to your Bitcoin wallet.

How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously Via Online Methods?

Alike the various ways of buying bitcoin in person, there are various ways to acquire Bitcoins through online procedures. The first method and practically the best one is to use a peer-to-peer or P2P exchange such as the LocalBitcoins or LocalCryptos, just to name some. You can choose from a range of available payment options starting from PayPal to Bank Transfers and Gift Cards. Your details will only be exposed to the seller. However, if you are willing to not disclose your identity to the seller as well, then you have to send the funds from an account or wallet that you control but is not in your name.

It has been heard that the vendors in the darknet sell readymade identities that you can use to open an account anonymously or a Bitcoin wallet that you can use anonymously without having to reveal true identity.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency can be bought anonymously utilizing various methods. Some of which are in person while the others are online. Risks pertain in both cases but what is most important is buying Bitcoin or selling them making a continuous flow of cryptocurrency in the market.

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