Whenever you move out of the home for professional work, Travelling, Tourism, or shifting the house, all you need is extra space. Where do you want to keep your belongings for added security? 


Security is the leading facility you want at these places. When you reserve your belongings for a long or short time, you always want to ensure that things are protected.  


secure self-storage unit provides security to your belongings, leading to your mind in peace. So, when you were looking for self-storage, the priority would be security.


Most Important Security Features For Self-Storage


If you checked, every self-storage facility offers a security feature to protect the belongings. And if you were not in the local area, you must check whether the self-storage facility has the same level of security. So. that you do not feel your belonging is not protected. 


Security Videos Cameras -  At self-storage, the video camera system provides 360-degree views through motion-activated cameras. A self-storage facility has at least one camera at the main gate and the rest installed on the property. 


You can ask how this camera footage monitoring throughout the day. Most self-storage company offers 24/7- hours video camera recording.   


Computerized Access - Most self-storage property has computerized access for gate entry. The best facility for security is the renter has its code for getting entrance to the gate. 


This code should be shared with limited people, mainly the employee of that property. The manager of that self-storage will track all entries and think about where to give more security. 


Management and office hours - At the self-storage, the manager lives and provides extra security to the property. The self-storage operation has an entry at the gate and office for additional protection. 


Self-Storage Equipped with Door Alarms -  Door alarms are the best security equipment that gives extra security to the property. And with this alarm addition to the alarm, the door lock is essential for storage security. The door lock should be a disc lock or cylindrical in shape lock that is hard to cut or break with a cutter.   


Efficient Lighting and Well Cleanliness - Lighting is an essential feature for self-storage. This lighting facility has proper lighting in both the outer and inner space of the storage areas. It's also crucial to facilitate the lighting 24-hour access to the storage area. Cleaning makes an essential part of everything that reflects the Management and staff take pride in their facility, and they keep an eye on the safety concern of their customers. 

How Customer Protect their Valuables In Self-Storage 


Understand what you should not put in a storage unit - There are plenty of things to put in the storage, and some are not allowed in any conditions. Don't put any valuable item under insurance that is not covered that may be considered a loss. 


Like, cash would not be covered by insurance to deposit in the bank. Another, e.g., Jewelry, is also not covered in insurance. Before putting anything in the self-storage, check your insurance provider to put any value in your unit. 


Best Lock to Protect Valuables -  The Lock for security is the best possible way to protect your valuables. Please use those more strong lock types resistant to bolt cutters and lock tampering. We always recommend buying the disc or cylinder type lock instead of long arm locks. 


For Extra Protection, Select More Indoor Storage -  If you think that security is a significant concern above all, then choose the insider area of the storage building. 


It allows us an extra security layer that the building covers with keypad access and 24 hours live video recording. 


Cannot Give Access Code to Anyone -  Everyone knows that valuable things are essential, and security is crucial. Hence, it is also necessary to protect from friends close to home and family members equal to strangers. Do not share anything with anyone you were storing in the storage unit. 


Insurance is compulsory -  At self-storage, insurance is mandatory for every unit. We understand that things may vary no matter how much you took care of the items. 


In case of completing a rental, you must show proof of a homeowner or renter policy that covers the unit's things. It would be best to take a policy at any cost that will cost you $10 or less per month for minimum coverage.


 After that, make sure you check the policy carefully what things are covered and what are not. Make sure that should be cover every belonging to the total value.


In Conclusion  -  

When choosing a self-storage unit, remember to keep your security in mind. Remember that there is safety in numbers, so bring a cell phone and someone else with you whenever you visit your storage unit. 


These properties are usually deserted and located in remote areas where no one can hear them. Many have long interior corridors that can go for days without seeing a visitor.

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