When you spend $ 500+ on a phone, doesn’t it make sense to protect it from the vagaries of your mood? The iPhone may be your most prized possession, and it’s important that you protect it from knocks and scratches. But choosing the right iPhone case isn’t as easy as choosing the phone itself. There are hundreds of models out there making it very difficult to choose the right type. Here are a few things you ought to know before you buy an iPhone 4S case:

How you carry your phone:

For those who carry their phone in their pocket, there are countless models that are slim that offer optimum protection. Metal cases or hard plastic are a common choice. Silicone rubber is also popular, but they aren’t worthy because they often make it difficult for you to remove the phone from your pocket. And for those who are likely to strap it on their belt, there are plenty of designs that come with a slip attached to them. Leather cases are sure to look cool when wearing it on the belt. And if you’re going to throw it in your bag, buy a case that protects the screen. The IvySkin Wrangler for iPhone 4S is an excellent option- it comes with a protective Touch-thru real glass cover that protects the screen.

Your personal style:

If you’re looking for an iPhone 4S cover that is functional, there are plenty of designs that are inexpensive, yet serve the purpose. Girls who love to glam up their phone can choose from the shimmering designs by 3D Glitz. These come in a wide variety of designs including butterflies, cupcakes, etc. And if you prefer the rugged style, you can choose from leather designs that are styled as old leather bound books. These even double up as wallets and can even carry your keychain. Plastic, silicon and rubber are just a few of the other materials that are commonly available.

What is the level of protection that you need:

There are some who are prone to drop things. Are you one of them? If yes, then choose from sturdy designs from brands such as Otter box and Body Glove. Some of these are waterproof as well. In fact, the Rain Ballet from The Joy Factory can protect your phone even when dropped in a swimming pool. If your work takes you to extreme places where the phone is more likely to suffer from damage, you can choose one of the Case-Mate’s latest military grade cases. These iPhone 4 cases come with a retractable window that covers the screen, yet gives access to the screen.

Choosing the right iPhone case can be a simple process thanks to the many online stores that sell them.

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