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Brilliant, diamond and other concepts that are confused


The diamond is the stone, rough, and 'bright' is the type of size, regardless of the material that is applied. Yes it is true that the round size, called 'in brilliant', is the most popular for those who seek engagement rings and hence the confusion. The correct thing would be to speak of 'a diamond with brilliant cut'. .

What is a carat, how much does it cost and how many carats should the ring have?


There is a way to know what is the cost and quality of a cut diamond and responds to a rule with four C's (in English at least): the weight (carat), the color (color), the size (cut) and the purity (clarity). These four parameters mark the price of the diamond.
Regarding clarity and color (not only are they white, there are black, green, red diamonds), it is advisable to check this box of JoyaEstilo to know what modalities exist. If what you are looking for is an adjusted price with a good result, experts advise choosing the medium color, with yellow tones ( H and I values ) and a clarity or purity of SI (small inclusions); that is, small marks that are seen with magnifying glasses of at least 10 magnifications, hardly to the naked eye, and that are hardly differentiated from purer ones to inexperienced eyes and are much more affordable. .

A diamond of good quality and 0.30 carats round 600 euros . Another ring with a diamond of one carat with medium-high values in these four mentioned characteristics can approach the 9,000 euros . .

Buy it in summer


The best time to buy an engagement ring and also some alliances is the period from June to August , coinciding with the time of greatest wedding celebration. The vast majority is committed outside of that summer period. .

Jewelers remember that in those low seasons you can be more flexible with prices. It is preferable not to buy any ring before or during Christmas, since at that time they are very volatile and can even bend. .

About imitations and other important details


To have proof that the diamond is authentic, in addition to going to a professional jeweler, it is necessary to look for the 'Kimberley certificate' , where the traceability of the jewel will be reflected and guarantee that it does not come from illegal operations. .

Negotiate the price.

As with gold , the price of diamonds also fluctuates. It is about going to one of the diamond exchanges , although the main ones are in London, New York, Tel Aviv and Antwerp; in Belgium, half of the world market is concentrated. .

The advisable thing is to begin to negotiate in the case of looking for something more than one carat , taking into account also that the alliance in which the stone is attached is usually included in the price from a certain amount. .

Another valid option is online shopping to retailers around the world. There is a large catalog and prices up to 20% lower than in stores: maybe the idea of buying a 'loose' diamond, without a ring, and looking for someone who creates our ideal ring with it. In fact, the idea of designing your own ring, fleeing brands, can also lower the cost. .

How to pay it?


The experts advise to pay them in cash , avoiding the interests of a deferred payment, for which a small saving plan during a few months seems to be the best strategy.
Regarding payment on credit, it is necessary to be clear about the periodicityand the amount to be paid each month. We must also pay attention to the interests , which depending on the entity and the modality of the card can reach an extra charge of 25 or 30% . .

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