People often go camping when they are tired of their hectic schedule and need a break from the busy city life. Camping is considered as a fun adventure which can be planned with friends or family. Whether you enjoy biking, hunting or any other outdoor activity, camping provides an individual with the opportunity to focus on hobby without any external distraction.

Camping not only provides one with a break or adventurous trip rather it is considered as a benefit for a longer and healthier life. Health benefits associated with camping includes:

• Improved mood
• Access to fresh air
• Less stress
• New challenges

In order to completely relish the beauty of camping and experience it to the core one need to invest in the best tent system. There are number of tent options available in the market, and people often get confused while making the decision.

In general, the pop-up canopies consist of a powder-coated steel frame and polyester and are well treated to protect from harmful UV rays and are waterproof as well. In addition, they are enough lightweight to be folded up and carried for the camping. The pop-up tents offer more protection than umbrellas and are considered a safe use for fun campaigns. At the end of the day, all you need to do is dust off the canopy, fold it up and take it home and plan for next adventure.

Here are the tips which one must consider while investing in pop up tent in order to make the right purchase

a. Peak Height

One must consider checking the peak height of the tent system while making the purchase. If you are the person who wants the tent to have enough space to allow you to stand up while changing clothes or to enjoy the airiness of high ceiling, one must consider investing in a tent which matches the requirement.

b. Tent Floor-Length

It has been recommended on websites like that if you are tall and have a height of over 6 feet or in case you are the person who needs additional space. Consider a tent with a floor length of 90 inches; the basic one has a typical floor length of 84–88 inches.

c. Tent Doors

When choosing a tent, one must determine the requirement including the number of doors, shape, orientation, accommodation and more. Multiple door option can be a great buy when you are camping with family as it avoids the chances of climbing over each other for the midnight breaks to bathroom.

d. Tent Materials

Before shopping for a tent an individual must perform some research about the best and the most affordable tent materials available in the market. Higher-denier fabric canopies and rain flies are more rugged than lower-denier ones. Also, seam tape and high-denier fabrics on tent floors reduce the odds of leakage.

e. Ventilation

Mesh panels are often used in the ceiling, doors, and windows of tents. While camping during hot, humid climates one must look for larger mesh panels and the tent must allow views while enhancing cross-ventilation to help manage condensation.

Few people also pay additional attention to the color of the tent; some prefer naked color palettes while other looks for bright ones. In addition, one must also research the types of tent options available in the market in order to make the right purchase for an improved experience.

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