Here are simple ways to create jealousy in women...Can you get a girl jealous? to what end? Jealousy is a great tool in a relationship, it could be proper harnessed to our advantage while dealing with women. Knowing how to provoke it out of a beautiful girl give you an upper hand. Jealousy put a lady back in line, it brings out the woman in her, it makes them buckle up, wind up, grow up, do more, fight more, it makes them give more.

It is often misused, even a guy gets jealous when he suspect an intruder,
it is normal for people to want to protect what is rightfully theirs, fighting with two hands to keep it.
The tool jealousy; could help in lots ways to attracting girls and keeping them. When effectively used it could be a very good medicine in relationship but when badly used it could disorganize the pattern

When your Girlfriend sees you talking to another girl on the phone, what do you do?

*Hang up immediately and pretend like nothing is happening?

*changes the subject of the conversation?

*pretend like it is a guy or a business associate?

What should you do and how do you turn this situation to your advantage? Imagine if she called at the wrong hour…you know the wrong hour...when things are suddenly beginning to click.
This alone could get some guys to shrink, instead of just saying "she is just a friend," they would want to totally conceal it like their present girl would ditch them if she spots the torch-light of another girl. Believe me, this is when they work hard and such opportunities are created for our proper utilization to getting them more attracted.

But many guys would fight to conceal it to present an innocent, simple, "i am good" kind of image which is the most boring image to hot girls, the "nice guy" image. Guys wouldn't still get it why the bad guys keep attracting girls while the nice fellow is stuck with one or even none. When she sees you with another girl,
don't complain and castigate or fabricate stories about how she has been disturbing you, at this point guys look

for excuses to exonerate themselves from this sort of issues but this is a situation that could be harnessed to our advantage. Did I tell you that it takes confidence and toughness to attract girls, it take some level of manliness or what should I call it...being able to stand...if that would work. But really, it take a man to own up and it is not like saying you are friends with the girl who just called would push away your spouse, no! it get her to buckle up. And that is it...using jealousy to our advantage in relationship, often it works where dialogue never would, believe me.

Let me summarize this, if your girlfriends sees the hand of an intruder, she would want to take cover, if the
intruder is more beautiful she could confront you and ask why, tell her it is nothing, tell her she is just a
friend. Now she knows there are "others" interested in coming in but if you always deny it like you are lonely and no other girl is after you, It get her to think she is just stuck with a loner who nobody cared about. She gets those feelings like she is stuck alone in "no man’s land," don't take her there.

Stand likes the king of the world who everybody wants to take -- make it look like other girls are after you but you said "no I am with a girl already here you would be attracting lots of girl and more girls. Now, guys would want to fabricate stories about how other girls are chasing them, that wouldn't work like the active
version...those opportunities are automatically presented to aid you in creating jealousy in is almost the only way to get them to buckle up but it is often misused

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