Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common cause of infertility in women today. Women with PCOS do not release eggs i.e. ovulate regularly, so they have a disturbed menstrual cycle. The ovaries have multiple small cysts (2-7 mm diameter) giving it a characteristic “polycystic” (many cysts) appearance on ultrasound.

If you want to know how to cure PCOS completely, this article will be useful. It talks about both conventional medicines and natural ways to get rid of PCOS completely. A relatively new method of how to cure PCOS completely by treating ovulation problems is to use an oral medication called Metformin.

This medicine has been traditionally used as an oral drug to help manage type 2 diabetes. But a study was conducted by a team of doctors who found that Metformin can also be used to cure PCOS in some cases and manage the symptoms in some.

How to cure PCOS completely with conventional medicine
Thanks to medical science, there are several medicines and therapies available for how to cure PCOS completely. Some of the common medications include:

Oral contraceptive pill

Oral contraceptive pills lower hormone levels in girls and women with PCOS and regulate their menstrual cycle. These contain estrogen and progestin – the first-in-line therapy for women having disturbed periods and symptoms of excess androgen.

There are different kinds of oral contraceptives for how to cure PCOS and most women do not have any side effects after consuming them. But, it’s possible to have nausea, headache, mood swing, sore or enlarged breasts, blood clots or weight gain/weight loss, depending on the body type.

Gonadotrophins (GnRH) hormone therapy

This hormonal therapy lowers the production of estrogen to the levels that women have after menopause. In certain cases, it has been observed that this therapy causes a significant reduction in severe menstrual bleeding. It may also reduce or prevent ovarian cysts related to ovulation.

Weight loss drugs

Women who are obese and suffering from PCOS must lose weight to get rid of PCOS completely. Losing at least 5% of weight can help lower insulin levels and improve the regularity of periods. So, it is one of the best ways for how to cure PCOS.

However, because of the hormonal imbalances caused by PCOS, losing weight is not easy. There are home remedies for PCOS that are safe and effective in managing the symptoms.

Home remedies for how to cure PCOS completely –

Include these home remedies in your PCOS diet and manage the symptoms naturally!
• Apple cider vinegar
• Cinnamon powder & honey mixed in warm water
Diet – cut down on all the junk foods and include whole
grains, healthy sources of proteins, omega-3 fatty
acids, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds like chia,
flax, sesame, fenugreek and pumpkin
• Reduce sugar and starches
• Avoid dairy products and high glycemic foods such as white rice, mashed potatoes, cakes, muffins and donuts
• Use healthy oils for cooking food such as olive oil
• Consume healthy fats such as eggs, avocados, almond and walnut butter
Exercise regularly to control weight gain and boost metabolism

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