Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) has been prominent in women’s magazine articles over the last decade. It is almost as though it is accepted as a usual part of female hormonal function.

The onset of PMS can range from mild to the horrific. There are of course a number of aspects that are particular to each individual.

One of the major factors that interfere with a smooth, pain free hormonal cycle is the way we now spend our time. This also applies to male as well as female hormonal balance throughout life. We sit a lot. We sit at desks, in our motor vehicle, watching television, playing games or on the social network on our computers. When we do this our body tends to sink downwards in a way that moves our spine out of alignment and squashes our abdominal area.

From this position our fluids and blood find it harder to flow and become stagnant. Usually there is also an imbalance or weakness in the liver and spleen. In turn our muscles then do not receive sufficient energy to stay firm and elastic.

We lose flow and flexibility.

What our body needs then is more space for energy to flow more easily to where it is meant to go. Our physical body is 70% fluid so at all times much of our energy is required to move the fluid to keep the physical body in balance.

PMS can be eliminated when you are purposeful and decide to make more space in the lower body. Make sure there is space with these tips.

1. Abdomen Massage (Cherishing)

This exercise can be done lying down, sitting or standing. Women: begin by placing the left hand on the abdomen slightly below the navel, and the right hand on top of the left. Move hands anti-clockwise first.

Slowly and gently rotate your hands in a small circle around the navel area (women anticlockwise, men clockwise) gradually making the circles larger until you cover the whole abdomen from the pubic bone to the bottom of the sternum (breast bone). Do 36 rotations.

Reverse the hands (women left hand on body, men the right hand) and the rotations, moving from outside circles back to the small circles at the Dan Tian. Do 36 rotations

2. Shaking All Over.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Blow out gently through your mouth as you do the exercise. Arms hang loosely at your sides.

Begin by shaking your arms from shoulder to fingers like they are sausages on a string. Check arms are not touching your body so there is space under the arms for energy to flow freeing. Keep feet on the floor as you shake your legs. Then allow your body to shake also. As you shake imagine energy coming up through your feet and hands into your body. Do the practise for up to 5 minutes.

3. Massage Ankles and Top of Feet.

Twice daily massage around the bottom of each ankle bone for 3-4 minutes. Place your thumb on one side of the ankle and index finger on the other side and rub firmly up and down. This works the bladder and kidney channels – both of which are crucial for hormonal and fluid balance.

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Glenys Brown is the Founder of the Energy Medicine College which teaches others how they can use original energy medicine for themselves and pass it on to their loved ones as teachers and practitioners. Also a QiGong Master, Glenys produces instructional meditation audios/videos as gives workshops/classes in Australia, San Diego, Boston, Geneva and Hong Kong.

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