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In law problems are real. They can be very nasty, and, if not dealt with, can be very destructive. The meddling into your business, caustic remarks, and unpleasantness of being around them can put a tremendous stress on your marriage and on your sanity. Avoiding the situation because you can not think of a suitable solution to it only makes it worse. The longer your in laws are permitted to do the things they do, the more they will interfere and try to have the final say in things.

So, how do you fix things up? In this article I'm going to present to you 3 ways to deal with your in law problems.

1. Ban using the word "if". Although it is easy to ponder and wonder "what if", when dealing with in law problems, this does not solve anything with your present situation. To entertain thoughts such as "If my mother in law would only find something to keep herself occupied." Or, "If we would only have enough money to move to another state." aren't too helpful. These type of statements don't help you to find a solution to anything, they only make you dwell on how bad things are right now. Your mind will not think of the right course of action to take if you are filling up your thoughts with fantasies.

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2. Stop dreaming. We don't live in the land of Oz where just wishing for things makes them happen. In our world, hoping and dreaming is only helpful when it is coupled with concrete actions. Dreaming on it's own it is not an end unto itself. It is good to inspire you, to motivate you and to help you finish a task. However, to solve problems, you must take ACTION.

3. Do something, anything. Have you ever heard about the butterfly effect? (The fluttering of a butterfly's wings in China can effect climate changes on the other side of the planet.) Simply put it means that a little action can turn into something huge. Pick a small thing to do to make your relationship with your in laws better and look how things evolve.

In law problems are not something just to laugh at. They can be very destructive and costly.

If you are experiencing some right now, don't just sit back and dream about how things could be.

Take action on those thoughts and follow your plan through, starting with the little things.

If you can not think of ways to make it better, visit your library and look for resources in the self help section, go online and find a support group, ask for help on yahoo questions and answers.

There is a lot of help available for those who take action and work towards making their situation with their in laws better.

You are not alone and fixing your in law problems can be done if you only take the time and care to do it.

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Normally, people who have been asked for a divorce by their spouses are the ones who read this article. Probably, you might be in similar position - trying to find some right ways to prevent your marriage from ending up in a divorce. One thing that provides a little bit of hope to you is that you are among a few who believe in the sanctity of marriage and the significance of saving marriage from breakup or divorce. Today, rate of divorce is growing high and a very few people try really hard to save their marriage when their marriages are in trouble.

This article provides some information, simply because I too was in a same position as you are in now. I was a completely devastated when my husband told me that he wanted a divorce from me. In order to change his mind I tried to do many things. I suffered through many of his rejections. Therefore, I can understand your problems and where you are.

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When you realize that your marriage is in trouble, it's not easy to be balanced and keep your cool during this situation. In order to change your spouse's mind, you might have tried all the methods you could think of, but when they proved to be in vain, probably one day you broke completely and begged him to stay back. However, this situation should never happen again and if you let your emotions overwhelm you to get your husband or wife back to you, you might effectively end up killing your marriage forever.

Although it is difficult, in your husband's presence, you should try to control your emotions with full strength and have to stop expressing desperation. You can ask for some advice from others after doing that. On internet, I found my saving grace to save my relationship. However, you can easily find ideas and solutions from your friends and well wishers. At times, you might out your marriage in trouble due to some reason, you have to find the reason for the trouble and try to solve it and then win back his love.

Never forget = Do not give in to your raging emotions and do something that you are going to regret one minute later! This is the most important thing to ensure first (that you keep your cool) when your marriage is in trouble - if you want to save your marriage, you first have to stop losing it.

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If you're one of the many people wondering how to save a marriage from divorce, there is help for you. Often, we when are in the middle of a deepening conflict with our spouse, divorce seems like the only course to take. It doesn't have to be. Many couples who have faced a serious crisis in their relationship go on to overcome their differences and enjoy a happy, fulfilling marriage. This can be the case for you and your spouse too, as long as you understand the steps you must take now before it's too late.

The first step you need to make if you want to learn how to save a marriage from divorce is how to control your emotions. All kinds of conflicting emotions bounce about when your marriage is in trouble. You may feel anger towards your spouse or perhaps you just feel sad all the time because of the impending feeling that divorce is on your horizon. You have to get control of all of this and put on a brave front. It's much easier to deal with someone when they are calm, cool and collected and that's exactly what your spouse wants you to be. Even if they are an emotional wreck, you need to stay strong. Be the voice of calmness and reason for both of you.

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You must also listen very carefully to your spouse if you want to save your marriage from divorce. It's easy to discount the things our partner says if we feel as though they are verbally attacking us and picking on us. However, there is a lot of truth buried in what they are saying. Listening and acknowledging them is crucial to rebuilding the relationship. You both need to compromise and you must learn to take criticism. You can't know what you need to change if your partner doesn't have the freedom to tell you what bothers them. Have an open mind and ensure they know that you value their opinion. This shows them you respect them and respect is a crucial element of any successful marriage.

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I know first hand that it is an absolutely horrible, terrifying feeling when you begin to feel in the bottom of your gut that perhaps your marriage is over. This is made even worse if the state of your marriage has brought about anxiety and unhappiness. You already feel bad enough. But when you begin to think of this actually being the end, you feel even worse. This is a vicious cycle because your being unhappy and upset can make it more difficult to save your marriage.

An example is a comment like: "over the past couple of years, it seems as if I have had one struggle after another. I had to move when my company relocated. And I miss my old town. I miss my old friends. I have felt very isolated and this hasn't helped my marriage. My parents got divorced. My paycheck took a hit. Basically it was just one bit of stress after another. My spouse started telling me that I was bringing him down. He would travel to our old town to escape but I could not because of my job. My husband started to say he hated coming back home to me because he would go from a good situation to a bad situation. After a couple of months of this, he started just not coming home for weeks at a time and then months at a time. Last week, I asked him when he was coming to our new home and he said that he doesn't think that he is. He says that I am so unhappy all of the time that it makes him feel unhappy too and he doesn't want this. He said he thinks it's best if we just separate for a while. I told him that he wasn't making much sense and was being pretty selfish. He said he needs to start looking out for what he wants - not what I want. At this point, I'm starting to feel like this is the beginning of the end of my marriage. I think that my marriage might eventually be over. And now I'm more unhappy than ever. I know that in order to have any chance of saving my marriage, I have to show my husband the happy woman that he originally married. But quite honestly, I don't feel like that same girl. That girl didn't have all of these things to worry about. I feel stuck and trapped. I can feel my husband slipping away from me and this is absolutely heart breaking. How do I shake myself out of this and try to save my marriage?"

I have been in a similar situation. When my husband began to pull away from me, I got depressed. My depression only made him avoid me more. As bad as this was, I didn't really begin to get serious about making a change until I saw myself one day in the mirror. I looked so tired, worn, and just beaten. And this is when I decided that I needed to change some things for myself - and this was true regardless of what happened in my marriage.

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I believe that this distinction is very important because when you are doing it for yourself, it seems much more genuine and your husband is more likely to believe in it. I did get some counseling and this helped some. I would highly recommend this. But, I think what helped me turn the corner more than anything was taking a serious inventory of my life and determining where I was missing the things that used to bring me joy. I realized that I hadn't been doing anything at all other than moping around and placing my focus on what was wrong with my life.

I was not placing any focus whatsoever on what was still right and on what I still had to be grateful for. I started journaling, did a lot of yoga, and reached out to family and friends who were more than happy to help me in any way possible. I also got really serious about no longer isolating myself because for me, that is a sure path to depression. Sometimes, I accomplished this by volunteering or giving my time to others. I took on additional work projects that weren't meant to advance me in any way other than the fact that I just wanted to do them.

I started saying no when people asked things of me that didn't make me happy. I decided that life was too short to make others a higher priority than I was making myself. These changes made a big difference in the way that I felt and in the way that I was perceived by others. And I believe that my new outlook did help me save my marriage. But I am hoping that this information isn't the only thing that you take from this article. I want for you to know that your happiness is very important. Do not put yourself last. If you need help getting yourself back on track, please get it. And don't feel bad about this. It is normal when you have your life filled with stress. It takes work to turn this around. But you are worth it. And recognizing it is half the battle.

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