When selecting”one-stop shop” for your family’s dental needs, there are a lot of things to consider. Finding a good dentist in Lincoln Park NJ isn't that hard, but finding one that can take care of all your family's special dental treatment needs in one setting can be. Here are 10 factors to consider when choosing a family dentist in Colorado Springs.

1. Does the dentist take your insurance?

This seems like a very elementary question, but many people overlook it until it's time to show that insurance card before the appointment.

2. Does the dentist keep emergency clinic hours?

Especially when young children are involved, dental emergencies don't wait for regular office hours. Check to make sure the dentist you're considering has a way for patients to get in touch if an emergency does strike.

3. Is the dentist trained in pediatric dentistry and/or orthodontics?

Most dentists start out training on adult mouths, but children's oral care requires a different, lighter touch. Therefore a pediatric dentist in Lincoln Park NJ can often work on adult mouths, but the same isn't necessarily true the other way around.

4. Are your kids comfortable with the dentist?

We've all met medical practitioners with poor bedside manner, and while you might be willing to suck it up for yourself, you draw the line at your kids having to deal with it. If your kids aren't comfortable, you should probably go elsewhere.

5. Do you feel comfortable with the dentist?

You want a dentist who's not just good for your kids or your spouse, but for you as well. Trust your instincts and judgment when it comes to selecting a dentist for your family, because if it works out it will be a long-term relationship that might even get passed on to your kids.

6. Can your family or friends recommend a good family dentist?

Nearly every dentist in Lincoln Park NJ owes a great deal of their business to word-of-mouth referrals. Ask your family and friends, especially if they're new to the area. If they don't know for whatever reason, ask their friends. This will at least give you a starting point.

7. Does the dentist explain everything they're doing in an age-appropriate way?

You may understand that the dentist doesn't have any choice but to drill, but your four-year-old probably won't. They look and see, "Scary noisy thing he wants to put in my mouth!" The dentist's ability to build rapport and trust with your children is a pretty good indicator of what you can expect.

8. Ask for patient testimonials.

Think of your first visit to the dentist as a job interview of sorts. You'd ask a new employee for references, so why not someone who's playing a key role in keeping your family healthy?

9. Can you finance care?

Especially with a new family, money's usually tight. One good criterion for choosing a family dentist in Lincoln Park NJ is to simply ask if they have financing options for emergency or major oral care.

10. Keep on looking.

Just because the first dentist you saw didn't meet your family's needs doesn't mean there's not another dentist in Lincoln Park NJ who'd be glad to take you on as a family.

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