Although roses are broadly related to lovers and passionate feelings, the truth is that their functionality goes far beyond mere gift. In fact, roses are widely used as an ornamental resource in many commercial establishments, offices, private rooms, gardens, and homes. For this reason, if you are looking to give a special and intimate touch to your home, we explain some guidelines to decorate your house of roses.

Garnish with roses: a real benefit

Roses, as well as most flowers, are very useful to decorate the living rooms, balconies or bedrooms of our home. In addition to colorful and the aroma they transmit, roses act as an incentive for the human spirit. With them the moods are renewed, the soul is comforted, the stress is calmed, the mind is relaxed and the body is revitalized.

Also, roses recycle the atmosphere of the space where they are, acting as both humidifiers and air fresheners. Certainly, they purify the air of their surroundings, filter the harmful gases and, as if that were not enough, they minimize the sensation of noise. They also serve to engender a calm and serene atmosphere, ideal for rest or reading.

Previous considerations

But before beginning in the versatile process of decorating the house of roses, it is necessary to clarify several doubts. Style? Architecture? Size? How much? Colors? Provision? Budget? These are variables that must be taken into account before beginning the decoration.

It is necessary to assimilate perfectly the luminosity of the space to be adorned, as well as the tonality of the existing walls and furniture. Some domestic environments combine better with pale colors and others with cold or bright colors.

Once this preliminary study of the interior architecture has been carried out, the style of the room can be weighed and, consequently, know what types of roses can best fit. The height of the room is very important: the greater the length, the greater the importance of the vase of the roses.

Do not forget the price of these plants, which is directly related to the type, cultivation, quality, points of sale, etc. The total amount of decoration may be greater than expected because it is worth making a budget first. It should be added that the roses will end up wilting, with the consequent need to renew the specimen. This can be solved by acquiring an artificial variant, but remember that you will never have the beauty and beauty of a natural flower.

The magic of colors

Red, yellow, pink, white, orange ... the range of shades is huge in one of the most demanded plants by gardeners, florists, and third parties. When decorating the house with roses, it is vital to be creative when combining the colors of the flower with those of the enclosure, and it is that each hue can motivate different emotions.

In dreary and poorly lit rooms, orange roses with reddish edges are a very beneficial option. This type of flower represents the sun at its peak and the shady houses acquire a certain brightness and splendor with this ornament. The orange color, in addition to offering a certain feeling of energy, also imbues fun and joy to the environment they are in.

Now, if the house is on a high floor, where heat and light become an uncomfortable problem, white roses will mitigate this feeling of embarrassment. This color is associated with cold and freshness, and to reduce its paleness effect, it can be combined with other salmon, yellow or pink roses.

The pink roses are not exclusively a feminine color. In fact, they are very appropriate for the interior decoration of homes, since they denote tranquility and tenderness. Also, they marry easily with other floral nuances.

Nor do yellow roses symbolize bad luck or deception, they actually reflect feelings of optimism and well-being. They are an ideal flower to decorate renovated or newly purchased houses.

When a holiday, an anniversary or any type of celebration is approaching, you have to bet on decorating the home with a multicolored profusion of roses. This invites the holiday, the revelry and the celebration.

Where to place the flowers

When decorating with roses, it is worth selecting key spaces where to place the vase: the center of a table, the corner of the living room, the eaves of a window, in front of a glass to multiply the floral motif, hung of a wall without ornaments, in a lobby where it acts as a welcome…

The rose stand is almost as important as the flower itself. There are many types of flowers and pots, and for each, there is a favorite place in the home. If we choose to place the roses in a transparent vase, the bottom can be lined with a bed of leaves, so that a greater sense of nature is achieved. Another alternative is to have a sand bottom, colored stones or pearls on which roses can stand out.

Distinguished glasses or colored bottles as receptacles are widely used to decorate tables and dining rooms. Complex bouquets of roses it is better to place them next to a wall or in a corner so that they attract attention without disturbing the total space. You can also innovate in the decoration, placing items such as teapots or showers on modern shelves.

A very versatile ornamentation

Undoubtedly, decorating our house with roses is a success, both aesthetically and emotionally, and that is also inspired by endless possibilities thanks to the variety of this flower. Knowing how to relate the colors of the petals with the luminosity of the enclosure and play with the spaces of the room and the shape of the vases will make your home decoration the envy of the whole neighborhood.c

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