High cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for serious heart problems. Cholesterol is a necessary part of human life. In addition, our cells can not function normally. Each cell is a little cholesterol. So, why is it so bad that our cholesterol levels are a little high? It's not the cells that are getting too much cholesterol is in our blood.

We carry all the cholesterol in the liver (where it is processed) in our cells, the bad cholesterol (famously known as low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol by blood cells. This is a dangerous process because of the way in which cholesterol is somehow breaks down and turns into artery clogging plaque.

The so-called good cholesterol (or, as it is described HDL) actually need the extra cholesterol and removes it from the body. Doctors believe that lowering LDL and increasing HDL is one of the best ways to reduce total cholesterol levels in the body.

To do this, there are 3 very important steps you need to take:

Eating special foods
Cholesterol Supplement

These three steps together is guaranteed to reduce cholesterol levels in 6 months or less.You can really say now if these 3 steps work. What is your diet like? If you eat saturated fats and neglect, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables each day is a chance that this move will benefit you.Do you exercise? If your answer was "no", then this step will definitely show you the amazing life changing benefits. Do you currently take vitamins specifically designed for people with high blood cholesterol? These supplements are all natural and there are additional cholesterol lowering vitamins and minerals.

How to Lower Cholesterol - 3 Steps to success

First Eating special foods

There are certain foods you can eat to help reduce your cholester. These foods have been studied and have been proven to work successfully reduce cholesterol.

Eating garlic is a great first step to reduce cholesterol. Garlic is a natural cholesterol reducer. The active chemicals released when eaten a piece of garlic actually helps to remove cholesterol from the blood over a period of time.

Drinking wine is another great way to reduce cholesterol. All you need to do is start drinking a glass a day. In France, high-saturated fat diet and low cholesterol level phenomena have many medical professionals believe that the most important is wine. Dark berries are also an excellent addition to any diet to reduce cholesterol.

Second Use

Makes your heart pump a little faster than normal builds cardio strength of leg muscles when you start. Your veins are forced to deal with higher blood reaches the feet and other body parts. This process increases your cardiovascular health and lowers cholesterol

3rd Taking cholesterol-lowering supplement

Cholesterol supplements are like vitamins daily, except they are designed especially for those with high blood cholesterol. This is one of the easiest ways to lower high cholesterol in the blood, because you probably already take a daily vitamin. All you need to do is replace another multivitamin specially designed for your needs.

Add the ingredients of these supplements are vitamins and minerals that improve liver function, preventing plaque designed to lower bad cholesterol, raise good cholesterol, and ultimately lower total cholesterol.

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