An advisory board is a group of mentors who have the knowledge about the business and who act as a consulting group for CEOs. They help the CEO with their expertise to take the right decisions and improve the chance of success of the company. In this competitive world, having a potential board of advisors is really important to take the right decisions. One wrong move from the CEO may lead to the downfall of the company. Hence it becomes really important to have a potential board of advisors to guide the CEO.

What are the roles of the CEO advisory group?

The important role of an advisor group of CEO is to legally represent the interest of the shareholders in public companies. The other important role is to provide timely advices to the CEO. This CEO advisory group will have experts from different field of business or people who are good mentors. It requires many skills to be a good advisor like the advisor should be able to analyze the situation and come up with solutions.

What is the difference between the board of advisors and board of directors of CEO?

Board of directors is the group of people who manage the CEO. Their approval is necessary to take all the key decisions of the company. They are the ones who protect the interests of the shareholders. Board of advisors is mainly constructed to provide guidance to the CEO. A CEO advisor mentors the CEO and helps him to take decisions.

Ways to build CEO advisory boards

How to Develop a Successful Board of Advisors for CEO has always been an unanswered question for many. Here are some tips to build a successful board:

Include your peers: Recruit the people you know and who are your friends. Ceo peer advisory groups are simple, easy to form and to maintain. This method is also cost effective. Ceo peer groups business owners or people within the business community whom you trust and respect. Recruiting peers can bring in useful and successful perspectives. They already have an idea about the CEO’s personality and characters and this would help them to mentor the CEO effectively.

Hire the experts whom you trust: Hire people who have the required skill set. Hire someone who can carry the responsibility wisely. Do not hire someone who will not be able to guide properly. But most importantly hire someone who can be trusted.

Start the board with small numbers: Start with 4-5 experts as forming the right board takes a lot of time and effort. Then slowly develop the board over the years.

Select people who are better than you: Include those people on your advisory board who have better skill sets and experience compared to you.

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