To dispose of negative thinking and negative ideas that prevent you from progress in your life and take what you want, there is an easy technique you can use it and can convert your thinking to a positive thought and let you focus on everything positive in your life and get you the desired results by GOD willing. Only keep on using these simple techniques that's "simple implementation of the powerful in their impact" and you will see how your life in a short time varied too much than the past, these techniques are shown as follows:

1- Convert thoughts to an event or a happy situation.

Whenever negative thoughts come to you work on it to convert your thoughts to something positive in your life, remember a happy idea or an event or a happy situation to get you out immediately from this negative thoughts. As an example (the day you succeed in the high and admittance the university and how you where so happy cause that, a good touch from your mother that filled your heart with joy and satisfactions, an advice from your father that you like it and affected you a lot and made you feel happy with this advice, a day you gain a prize ...ETC.


To convert your thoughts immediately to a positive idea it will cancel the impact of the negative idea on you. Cause mind tends to the positive thoughts and brings it nearly to you cause it stepped happiness on mind and soul so it will refuse the negative ideas because it will bring him nearer to the pain which the mind denies and the soul reject .the positive ideas is stronger 1000 times than the negative ideas it is source of happiness and cheerful and as they says :(SURVIVAL FOR THE STRONGEST) so convert immediately to a positive ideas when a negative idea is occurred to the most happiest thing you remember in your life. This will remove the negative impact of the idea completely.

Norman Vincent bill says: "If you change your thoughts therefore you change the world".
And I say: "if you change your thoughts therefore you change your world".

2- Use the strategy of "stop".

Then treat your negative ideas firmly. Whenever the negative ideas come to your mind tell her "STOP" and whenever it comes again say "STOP" you can say so loudly at first and then after a period of time you can say it inside your mind to your brain with your inside voice, so your mind know that you don't want this idea once again in your life and remove it from the store of your thoughts and remove all things that work to confirmed it from all your life ,and so all what you did become reflection only to your positive ideas about your self and grow and increase the impact of this positive thoughts in your life with the same kind.

Biet Cohen says : "He is an expert life strategic"
"If you ordered the worried voices in your head to be silent they will be silent" …. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

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Amany saad Mohamed,Researcher in Metaphysical science, writer of many important issues (skills success - the spiritual guidance - Self-healing etc.)supervised on one of the articles sites, writer for the Arab News Network "Arabic Site" and a Supervisor of the medical site
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