The Netherlands is a particular and attractive country where business is done transparently and directly. The Dutch are citizens who like clear things and who are very open to business innovation. In this country any person has the opportunity to create a new company for only 1 euro , which clashes radically with the costs and bureaucracies that are suffered in other countries. For this reason, experts recommend trusting the Netherlands as one of the potential markets that must be kept in mind when carrying out new projects. Setting up a company in Netherlands is easy and opens big opportunities for you.

The open personality of its citizens helps to foster entrepreneurial spirit in the Netherlands. Another factor to take into account is the enthusiasm they put into all the new projects and the optimism that accompanies them in the fulfillment of new objectives. It is a nation that has overcome its crisis with the effort and that has not been knocked down by adversity. That is why there are so many companies that want to work with the Dutch or take a step forward to have a physical presence in the country.

Even being a small country, Holland has 16 million citizens who speak mostly two languages. The main one is Dutch, from which it is possible that we need some translation to start our business path in the country; but English is also spoken by practically the entire population. This flexibility with respect to the language facilitates the opportunity to do business. It should also be borne in mind that to create the company, in addition to that euro of rigor for social capital, it will be necessary to sign a series of documents for which a representative with the power to formalize the papers may be available. On the other hand, it is important to know some tips on the most appropriate protocol to carry out business and meetings in Holland . You can find tax advisor in Amsterdam for all your taxation related working.

Businesses in the Netherlands can be done with a limited company and it is important to mention that foreign companies find great facilities if they are thinking of taking their business to this country in order to open a branch. In these cases there will be no impediment and you can create external branches that allow companies to expand their borders and obtain new customers. The only requirements that exist to enjoy the various advantages provided by the economic system of the Netherlands include having a director who deals with management locally and have a social address to serve as home. For all these procedures the businessmen can be supported in the Economic and Commercial Offices of the Diplomatic Missions of Spain in the Netherlands which are the specialized official instrument for the provision of services and assistance to companies and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands .

Working in this country becomes an opportunity that increasingly attracts the attention of more professionals and companies that are looking for new routes of expansion throughout Europe. The open personality of the Dutch is a great advantage when it comes to implementing new businesses in the country, which facilitates obtaining positive results. That is why it is not uncommon for more and more professionals to choose the Netherlands as a new destination to run their business if they are looking for corporate comfort, support from official bodies and simplicity when it comes to forming an external division. It is part of what has made the Netherlands earn so many points among the corporate sector.

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