If you take advantage of all the Amazon advertising solutions you have to offer but still feel that there is room for further growth, it may be time to look at advertising outside of Amazon.

When consumers buy products online, about 70% start their search on Amazon. While this is an impressive law, what about the other 30% of searches? You can reach more customers by placing a heavy focus on external traffic sources.
The key to a successful Amazon listing is actually making people see it. That means you need traffic, and the best way to do that is to find a way to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing.

External traffic to your Amazon listing can improve your Leading Merchant Position, help your listing increase, sell sales, and help you build relationships with your customers outside of Amazon.

So let’s simplify this “external traffic situation” and find out how your business can benefit from it.

Should You Drive External Traffic To Your Amazon Listings?
Competition on Amazon is increasing day by day, more sellers are doing paid ads on Amazon, and sponsored ad costs continue to increase, you need to keep searching for more ways to sales your product and drive traffic to your list. While Amazon has some of the most powerful internal marketing solutions for retailers and products, don't miss out on non-Amazon marketing.

Before you start driving cars on your Amazon list, it is very important that your listing is already well done and has the right conversion rate. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time, and most importantly, your money. Even Amazon's excellent advertising will not convince many customers to buy a product with low-quality images, a description of the empty bones, and few or no negative reviews.

• Your listing should be optimized before proceed to external traffic.
• High-quality images
• SEO-friendly copy
• Informational bullets and thorough product descriptions
• Amazon A+ content (if applicable)
• 25 to 30 reviews with at least a 3-4-star rating

One way you can get traffic to your list is to have backlinks to blogs. Whatever business you are doing, the content creator is blogging about it. You can connect with those content writers and ask them if they would be willing to review your product in a write-up. You can also make a blog page on your website and publish it on social media platforms.

If you are selling shoes, bloggers will add you to their blog like “top 10 shoes of the year”. And this blog sends you traffic on your Amazon listing.

Facebook Ads:
Did you know that 30% of consumers begin their search for products on social media? That's too big a number to ignore. Facebook Advertising is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to identify specific interests and groups of people who are more likely to search for and buy your products.

With the Facebook ad platform, you can also create Instagram ads that will appear in the users' feed as they browse. If done right, Facebook and Instagram ads can have a huge impact on your Amazon FBA sales!

When you are able to identify people who have a particular interest within a certain number of people, you give yourself a better chance of making a sale.
Facebook ads allow you to explore A/B which ads lead to conversions. As a result, you may receive important data about who buys your product, which may be useful in the future.

Landing Pages:
When using those Facebook ads, instead of a link to send someone directly to your list, it might be a good idea to send them to the landing page first.

The landing page is a web page set up to educate the customer about your product and warm them up with the idea of buying it. If they continue to click on your landing page in your Amazon listing, they may be committed to purchasing the product. Otherwise, they would not have gone this far.

Additionally, you can use the landing page to collect customer data, general information collected by email. This way, you can improve your email list for future efforts and information that Amazon will not allow you to collect via Seller Central.

You should always ask for customer email addresses on your landing page - and offer return benefits. An email list will not only help you filter out customers who are not interested in purchasing your product, but you will also be able to compile a list of contacts who may receive new product launches or special sales events, and often become a loop as your business grows.

Social Media Marketing
Take advantage of the opportunities offered by sites like Instagram and TikTok. Improving your brand and engaging with your audience in a lively way can bring wonders to your business.

Use social media to grow your product, build your next, connect with your audience, and expand your product experience. Consumers are already checking their phones all day - it's an amazing marketing opportunity!
While paid ads will be a more effective solution in the beginning, over time, your brand's communication accounts can be very valuable.

Running an Amazon business is complex, and can easily be frustrating, so it is understandable that many retailers put external traffic on the back stove.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you realize that it’s not all that complicated, and you’re completely skilled enough to incorporate it into your business strategy. It can greatly increase your business.

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