Looking for a simple and easy way to motivate employees and drive more business? Offer fun and entertaining presentation skills training.

Whether you are a small business owner or a manager in a global organization, it's important to help your employees think and act like business owners.

But how?

Some consultants advise creating complex compensation plans and sales incentive packages. This may help some employees. But in my experience, there is something more basic - and less expensive that you can and should do first.

Provide fun and useful specialized training.

I've worked with Fortune 500 training departments for the last 14 years. Time and again I see the same pattern: employees feel valued, motivated and prepared when they get the proper training.

I'm not talking about business training with spreadsheets and business acumen terminology. I'm talking about the foundational skills to be able to present with confidence and authority.

Your employees are already skilled in their critical business functions. That's why you hired them in the first place. But what they don't have are the interactive communication skills to engage clients and prospects. They don't know the precise steps to take the reins and present your brand offer with impact.

I've often wondered why communication literacy, presentation literacy and rules of visual storytelling are not taught earlier. In grammar school, In high school, Or at least in college or business school.

But, except for rare cases, these skills are not taught.

When I teach the basic visual mapping skills such as mind mapping, selling at a whiteboard, and drawing process sketches - most people are amazed. It's not so hard to learn. If you have the right instruction and support.

And often my clients tell me; "I wished I'd learned this in high school!"

If you want your employees to get motivated and drive more business, give them the training and skill development to do the job. People are willing to break through the 'it's just a job' attitude - if you help them with specialized training.

The good news is, now presentation skills training are not such a costly item in your budget. With online video tutorials and e-learning courses, your staff can get the training they need at a fraction of the cost of on-site seminars. Live training costs in the ballpark of $12,000 per day per class - with additional costs of travel, meeting facilities, hotel costs and time out of the office.

However, online training courses are attractive for the fixed low monthly cost as well as instant access from anywhere. This makes it a viable alternative, and an effective strategy for providing professional development.

Keep in mind the real reasons why this works so well. Employees feel valued as key members for a successful business. You are building good will and good skills. And you're creating a consistent standard of excellence in client and prospect presentations.

As if that wasn't enough, you are also pleasing your CFO -- who will no doubt be delighted at a radically low cost, and fixed ticket item for professional development.

Now is the time. Pick the easy and simple way to motivate employees and drive more business.

Get exceptional results by investing in your employees and providing online training. With the right skills, employees can think like entrepreneurs and drive more business.

Author's Bio: 

Milly Sonneman is a recognized expert in visual language. She is the co-director of Presentation Storyboarding, a leading presentation training firm, and author of the popular guides: Beyond Words and Rainmaker Stories available on Amazon. Milly helps business professionals give winning presentations, through online presentation skills trainings at Presentation Storyboarding. You can find out more about our courses or contact Milly through our website at: http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com/