Whether you are just starting out or you have been an entrepreneur for a few years, wherever you are in your career, ensuring you have the right mindset is essential for your success.

It is said that 80% of the reasons holding us back from being successful are inside ourselves and only 20% are on the outside – so we must always start by looking at ourselves. Don’t let yourself be your worst enemy.

So how can we ensure we have a mindset geared for success…there are a few qualities we need to work on to be geared for success.

1. CAUSE: EFFECT – There are only two sides of the equation
that we can be on. If you are on the cause side, you
accept and know that you are responsible for everything
that happens to you and your company. You know that your
business is a reflection of your actions and you take
responsibility for your results.

If you are on the effect side, you feel like a victim,
you have excuses for why this doesn’t work, why you can´t
succeed in that and you live by these stories. To
succeed, you must always take responsibility for what
happens. Decide to be in charge of your business success,
and not at the mercy of what happens to you.

2. ATTITUDE: We also need to look at our attitude towards
events. In business, we must use failure as feedback and
respond positively to feedback. Our attitude determines
how we look at setbacks, events, and situations. If we
have a positive attitude we could look at the same
situation very differently to someone who has a negative
attitude. A failure in business could be very daunting
for some people or it could be positive feedback to
others. The feedback that they need to alter their
course a little, change what they are doing to get a
better result. Failure is guidance, helping us to find
the best way to succeed, so cultivate the habit of using
failure as feedback.

3. FOCUS: Know where your focus is – you need to focus on
what you can change and do and not on what you can´t.
Some of us spend a whole day, focusing on the negative,
how bad the situation is and how unfair, how could this
be happening, instead of moving on and changing what we
can. Our focus determines our reality so keep focusing on
succeeding and not on what we can´t control.

4. COMMITMENT & PERSEVERENCE: You have to be committed and
persevere in what you want – don´t give up! Perseverance
is the key in reaching any goal. You must focus on what
you want and you must dedicate yourself to achieving it.
You must be committed throughout the journey and it will
pay off. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy, the
journey may have setbacks, mistakes, but successful
people are the ones who have the ability to overcome
these, use them as feedback and keep moving forward.

5. ORGANIZED MIND: Your mind must be organized, you must be
very clear about where you are going, the vision you have
for your business and the certainty that you will have
it! If your mind is full of doubt, uncertainty and you
are not clear about what you actually want or what
solution you provide, this will have a very negative
effect on your success. You need to manage your mind and
be so clear about what you want, what you offer and to
whom, etc – if your mind is disorganized, this will
reflect directly on your outside world.

6. BAD HABITS: You also need to break old habits as well if
they are not serving you or helping you to succeed. Bad
habits will only hold you back and have a negative impact
on your life. You must recognize your bad habits and find
the strength to change them.

7. SELF-ESTEEM: Lastly, you must have a high self esteem and
believe in yourself and other people too. The beliefs you
have about people, your abilities and business in general
will determine the results you get in business. Identify
your beliefs and if they are holding you back, change
them! This also refers to your negative thoughts, if they
don´t serve you they only make you feel bad and bring you
down. Anchor positive feelings and be your own success

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success! - Henry Ford

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