There are many industries that require project managers. Telecoms, health, education, media, information technology, marketing and most businesses need people to lead teams and finish projects successfully. Therefore project managers are an integral part of any industry. A project manager must have leadership quality, motivated, adept in time management and highly organized.

If you have what it takes to become a project manager, the first step to switching to the field that you want is to enroll in Project Management Courses. Even though you already have experience in a certain industry, you still need to learn the scope of project management, including evaluation, risks, leadership and personnel development. All these are needed to make you well-rounded and cope with the demanding tasks of any project management assignment.

After gaining the required skill set, you can now prepare your resume. Include all the projects that you participated in. Emphasize your role in the success of the project/s. If you don’t have substantial experience yet, include volunteer work, even fund raising activities you helped organize. If you are still not confident about your experience, volunteer more. Check community activities and offer your services.

You can organize the work-flow and practice delegating tasks. Develop your people management skills too. You must learn how to tap the right people for specific tasks.
In-between volunteer work and job application, you can increase training credentials by studying for a Project Management Diploma. Continue progressing and be open to learning more. Your school may also help you add up to your experience if they offer on-the-job training program. Grab every opportunity you can get to practice your leadership skills.

Join workshops, job fairs and organizations, if any, to expand your network and learn about current job openings. If there is a company that you would like to work with but no job opening yet, talk to the Human Resource Manager and ask if you can submit your resume for future consideration. Letting them know you are interested in handling a project for them will give them the idea of how enthusiastic you are in joining their company.

Despite having a Project Management Certificate, don’t expect to get the salary that you want especially if you don’t have experience to show for. If there are projects that open up for people like you who has no prior experience, take the job gladly. Prepare for the interview. Emphasize how you would handle the project and give them specific details on how you will finish the project according to timetable. Accomplish your goals and make the most of every experience that you have.

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