Although, visa application process is not time consuming and significantly simpler an individual looking for extension of student visa in Australia needs to follow some simple guidelines to enjoy staying in the country. Four common scenarios where a student may feel the need to extend their visa include:

  • Extension of research program
  • Enrolling into a new course
  • When the visa expires on a date before the results of post grad thesis are declared
  • Extension of course after expiration of visa

Visa updates

Presently the Australian Government is not allowing any automatic extension on student visas unless if an individual’s visa is soon expiring and they can’t go back home due to restrictions imposed by the Government because of the pandemic. In order to stay in Australia an individual is rewarded with two primary options:

  • Applying for student visa
  • Applying for visitor’s visa

This will however depend on the situation a student is facing. When the tenure of the course is expected to extend for quite some time, it will be better for the individual to apply for a fresh student visa. Delays in accessing visa services will however be common now that the country is facing Covid19 challenges.

Applying for a student visa in Australia

Under normal situations, a student applying for a visa in Australia will need to adhere to the simple guidelines mentioned in the following lines. An extension is possible if the current visa is expiring soon or the student may have to face the risks of being deported.

  1. An individual who wishes to extend their visa in Australia will firstly need to enrol into the course followed by which they are required to arrange for an “Overseas student health cover”. A confirmation of enrolment from the academic institution is necessary. Next, the individual is required getting a health insurance cover to get the green signal.
  2. In order to avail extension on Student Visa Australia an individual will need to collect all documents pertaining to visa applications. In order to ensure success in paperwork, the student will need producing the following before the visa authorities:
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport ID with a stamp on Australian immigration
  • CV/resume
  • National ID card
  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • Parental consent in case of the individual is less than 18 years of age
  • Migration agent form
  • Marriage certificate in case if applicable
  • Overseas Student health cover
  • Personal statement

3. Furthermore, the student will need to confirm on their financial capability which will be determined through evidences indicating their financial strength and their ability to cover expenses related to the academic course. Also, they will need to produce evidence that their parents or spouse are financially stable to support the student in question. This apart, the student will require offering a letter from the department of Foreign Affairs or the departments concerning trade and commerce or defence.

4. After attaching all documents with the application, the student will need to submit them as evidence to their relevancy of stay.

5. Next an applicant will need to submit their biometrics after submitting the application. Generally the individual is given around 14 days time to submit biometrics.

6. Also the authorities will conduct a medical examination on an applicant to ensure that they are in ideal state of health.

7. An applicant trying to acquire an extension on their visa will be given Bridging visa A which allows an individual to stay in the country till the time their visa is processed and delivered.

8. An applicant must also ensure that the current visa is applicable and that the individual has the right to travel. The Bridging visa on the other hand will enable the individual to travel back to Australia, while the actual visa is on process.

9. Next a case officer will contact the applicant for verifying their visa application. Student Visa Sydney should be legitimately applied for in order to get best outcomes.

An applicant must remember to always have their paperwork done before or while applying for the visa in order to ensure smooth processing.

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