Things to do before finding a job at 16:

- Research: Do some online research or talk to your friends and family to know if some kind of work permit is needed for teenagers to do a job. In several of the countries, teens need to submit a work permit. In case you need a work permit ask your school authorities, they should be able to issue one for you without any hassles.

- References: Have 4 to 5 good (reputed & professional) people outside you immediate family, who can refer you and can provide guarantee for your character and hard work. This would be a plus when you will apply for a job.

- Involve Parents: Do not do anything without your parent’s permission. Let them know about your intentions, they will surely support you. In case they refuse, try convincing them and assure them that you will not let your studies suffer in any way. Once they approve, they will happily drive you around places for attending interview calls or filling up the application forms.

- Make a Resume: First things first, open a word doc. And start writing a resume. Here are some quick tips on how to write a good resume, which can help you get started. You can also ask you elder siblings to help you draft a resume or even you parents can help you with it.

How to find a job at Sixteen (16):

- Local Stores/Restaurants: The quickest thing to do is visit all the local stores or restaurants which you like and enquire if they are hiring. If they are then fill out the job application and inform them about your interest. Don’t forget to hand out your resume.

- Babysitting: Baby sitting is yet another good option for teenagers to get some extra cash. Ask you friends to inform their families and neighbors if they need a baby sitter. Spread the word in your family and neighborhood that you are interested in baby sitting job. Once the word of mouth gets flowing you will be soon approached.

- Research for More job Opportunities: Make a list of all the places which allow teenagers to work. Some good places to look for are non-profit organizations, government organizations, zoos (only if you are willing to work) and museums etc. whether or not they have openings, hand out your resume so that they can contact you later.

- Networking: Start networking with elder family members, school seniors and friends. Inform them that you are looking out for a job and incase they know of any openings request them to keep you informed.

- Use Twitter: Almost all teenagers these days use twitter for tweeting about their day to day activities. Why not use this fun social networking site to get a job. On twitter you will find several real time tweets, where people are looking for teenagers with various kinds of job options. Set the advance search feature as per your location and you will be able to see several job openings.

- Apply Online: There are quite a few job boards online which are dedicated to showcase job opening for teenagers. Some sites like, and which could help you find a great job. Plus if you type in the term “Teenage jobs” in you will be saying loads of listings. Little time and research can help you find that perfect job.

Hope you find these tips useful!


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