Unicorn dating is one of the most challenging relationships because finding a local unicorn is not a simple task. Unicorns are people who sleep around with couples; such people are rare to find. We have various ways one can use to get a local unicorn. If you are wondering where to find you unicorn for your next threesome sex experience, then you are at the right place. Below are some of the ways to find a local unicorn.
Sell yourself
The threesome is always thrilling; it is also essential to make the sex experience to be appealing to the third person. Unicorn is still alluring to couples; it is still good to create a good impression to attract the third party to your relationship.
2. Communicate clearly
If you want to get s local unicorn quickly, then you have to be clear from the beginning of your communication. When you approach a potential unicorn, you have to act very fast end be upfront to what you are looking for and set your boundaries. Threesome involves a lot of things and can sound different to some people depending on the circumstances and couples. Just saying threesome is not enough, you have to articulate clearly what you want out of it. Are you just for night fun? Are you for an open relationship, or do you want a relationship where you meet once a month? Sharing this valuable information with your potential local unicorn will help you to end up getting one easily.
3. Talk over it
The other way to getting local unicorn is to have an in-depth discussion with your potential unicorn so as to talk about everything that is going to happen during the sex session so as to make it clear to you potential unicorn. This way, you will easily convince someone for a couple of night out. It is a very important step for unicorn dating
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