When Choosing from the selection of Modest Wedding Dresses
(Especially LDS Wedding Gowns)

Brides shouldn’t go into a bridal wear retailer unprepared. Have you heard stories of someone who went to a car dealership “just to browse” and ended up walking away having bought a car? Scoff if you want, but unless you know what you want and you’re prepared, the same thing might end up happening to you.

When going to a wedding formalwear store, there are several essential items you should bring wedding dress shopping. But the most important item is one or two trusted friends. They can give their honest opinions and help you to keep from making an impulsive decision you might regret. Ideally, your mother and your maid of honor should accompany you – they will probably be flattered that you’re including them in such a monumental decision.

If you don’t already have garments but plan to receive your endowment before your wedding day, try to bring an endowed person with you who can advise you about whether or not particular dresses will offer enough coverage for your garments on your wedding day.

Wedding Checklist for the Modest Bride’s Ensemble

All of the things you need to put together your bridal outfit for your wedding day can be pretty confusing, so it may be helpful to jot them down with a wedding checklist for the bride.

Make sure that your checklist includes obvious items like dress, veil, and shoes, but also other aspects you may forget in all the commotion of wedding planning such as jewelry, hair accessories, stockings, and undergarments.

Bridal Jewelry for LDS Weddings and to go with LDS Wedding Gowns

The finishing touch for a bridal ensemble is her jewelry, so make sure that yours says who you are without overpowering the rest of your outfit.
The wedding day jewelry that you choose should be timeless and classic, so that you don’t look back at it in 15 years and ask, “What was I thinking?” It should also coordinate with your dress and hairstyle, as well as with the jewelry and dresses of the bridesmaids.

You’ll wear your wedding ensemble for only one day of your life, but it will last forever in pictures. Your appearance should be a visual representation of the beauty of your marriage, so it’s only natural that putting together your wedding dress, veil, shoes, and jewelry will take several months of careful planning.
Wedding dress shopping can be expensive, and finding a modest wedding dress is sometimes difficult, but know that in the end all your hard work will pay off.
For tips on sewing your own wedding and wearing a homemade wedding gown, see DIY Wedding Dresses.

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