How To Find My Husband Attractive Again: How To Become Attracted To Your Husband Again

There is no possible way that two people can stay in love with each other if there is no communication between them. It's not such a problem when this first starts happening, but after a while, you actually don't know each other anymore, and begin to fall out of love with your spouse.

When you first got married, you spent every spare hour with each other, talking about anything and everything, having a laugh, and just generally enjoying each other's company. Sometimes you had to have serious discussions about something, but even then, you WERE communicating and doing things together.

All these things have gradually stopped over the years, and because your married life is not what it used to be, have made you fall out of love with your spouse. All is not lost though - this problem can be fixed. All it takes is to bring back those wonderful conversations that you and your spouse used to enjoy so much.

Not talking to each other for such a long time has caused a gap in your lives. There are things that you don't know about each other anymore. This is great, because it means that you will have plenty to talk about and catch up on. Spend a day doing something really relaxing, like a picnic, and start getting to know each other again.

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You will probably find that, when talking about the good times you had together, it makes you eager to talk even more. Reminiscing about the good old days will bring back memories of the great times you had together. It will make you realize that you ARE actually good for each other.

Lack of communication is dangerous in a marriage - it can make you fall out of love with your spouse. Nip this feeling in the bud by having great conversations with your spouse. Get to know what your spouse has been up to while communication has been absent from your lives.

You will probably find that by talking to each other again, will remind you of how easily you used to chat, at any time of the day or night, and it will make you feel comfortable with each other again. When you are talking to your spouse easily, then start doing things to put that sparkle into your lives again.

Don't allow yourself to fall out of love with your spouse. Have those romantic evenings by the fire again, share a glass of your favorite wine, and let each other know how you feel by means of some serious communication!

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There is always a way to improve your marriage relationship and make it better than what it is now. Improving the relationship in your marriage will leave less room for marital problems to develop and bring your marriage down.

If you want to improve your marriage relationship one of the first and most important tips you should follow involves giving respect. This is an important tip to improve the relationship in your marriage because you should always give your spouse respect and do your best to respect their opinions, even if you don't completely agree with them.

Giving respect is going to require both you and your spouse to compromise to a certain degree. Compromising and working throughout issues is what relationships are all about.

The next tip to improve a marriage relationship involves being forgiving. You have to learn how to be forgiving if you're not already, because every one makes mistakes and you shouldn't hold grudges. Since no one is perfect you must learn how to forgive your spouse when they make mistakes.

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One of the biggest tips for improving a marriage relationship is communicating. Communicating with your spouse involves paying attention to your spouse's needs and talking to them in an open and honest manner.

When communicating it is important to patiently listen to your spouse with an open mind and heart. Once you master the art of communicating you will grow closer to your spouse, create a positive and loving home environment, thus improving your relationship.

The last tip to improve a marriage relationship is to be dedicated and committed to fixing any problems in the relationship. Improving a marriage can be hard work, but if you're dedicated and committed to making the relationship better it will get better.

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When you are unhappy in your marriage, you may feel hopeless. You may feel like there is nothing you can do to turn things around. That cannot be further from the truth. You may not be as happy in your marriage as you once were, but that doesn't mean your marriage is ending. Here are some signs of a troubled marriage, and things you can do to turn things around.

When you can spot trouble when it starts, it will be much easier to fix things then if you ignore the problem and let it grow. How do you know when something is a minor problem, or when it is a big problem, and can lead to devastation in your marriage?

Since all marriages are different, there is no 'one' answer that will tell you what is wrong and how to fix it. There are, however, things to look for.

Over time, people change. It's all part of growing up and getting older. These changes can be subtle, or they can be dramatic. As married couples grow older together, they may feel like they want different things, and are drifting apart. This can lead to feeling isolated in your marriage. Change and grow with your spouse. Trying new things can keep the spark going in your marriage.

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Another sign of a troubled marriage is, of course, fighting constantly. Stop an argument before it starts. Not possible? Yes, it is. It may be a little hard at first, but it does work. As soon as you feel that the conversation you are having is starting to get out of hand, excuse yourself from it. Take a little break, and let the two of you calm down. By your staying as calm as you can, your spouse will stay calm.

Have you complimented your spouse lately? Simple things said, or left unsaid, can make a big impact on a person, and a marriage. If one spouse feels unattractive to the other, they will start to think that they aren't wanted anymore. Try to compliment your spouse - on anything. As you do this more, your spouse will undoubtedly do the same to you. This will give you both a boost of confidence, and you will feel the happiness come back into your marriage.

Just because you're not as happy as you used to be in your marriage, doesn't mean that your marriage is ending. It means that your marriage is changing, and you both should do what you can to change with it. Life is a never-ending cycle of change. It doesn't stop when we get married - it gives us someone to enjoy the changes with.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Us guys can be too serious sometimes. We can't deal with certain things and we let them get to us. What men want is a woman who can put things into perspective for us to help us see that the problem we're trying to deal with is all in our heads. She isn't afraid to be stern or to use force. Men love women who can make their huge problems seem like nothing. Here's 3 ways to help your husband see the lighter side of life.

1. Laugh it off

Us guys frown a lot. We're pretty bad like that. We think that by frowning, we're hiding how we truly feel. I know for a fact that when I frown, my wife knows that something is troubling me. It's not that I frown a lot, it's just that my frown is bigger when something is bugging me. What my wife does is look at my problem and she turns it into something silly. Of course, it's all put into perspective, but she knows what problems are big and which are small. If it's something trivial she won't hesitate to let me know that it's a small problem by putting it into perspective with a similar problem.

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2. Being Stern

This was actually a few years ago and didn't involve my wife. It involved a female friend of mine who I had a crush on. I was in a school sports tournament and lost the grand final by just one point. The trophy was in my reach; it tore me apart that the other team were taking it back to their school. My friend didn't say anything special. She just said, "it's just a game. Forget about it." She just told me multiple times and it really did put things into perspective. When I think back, I still do feel a twinge of pain, but knowing that it's just a game does help you let go of it.

3. The Guilt Trip

This is one of the more effective techniques that my wife uses. Whenever I complain about a problem that's bugging me, she compares it to a problem other people are having that's a lot worse. For example, I tend to be stingy. I admit that. I tell her about money problems and I know all she hears is "blah, blah, blah". She tells me, "You've got a house. You've got a car. You've got me. What the hell are you complaining about? Can it." And I shut up.

So ladies, help us see the lighter side of life in these 3 ways and we'll appreciate you all the more for it. Men actually want to be listened to more than women do, so if you can listen and respond calmly, he will be yours for life, even if he initially thought that you weren't the one for him.

Now Listen Carefully-

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