How To Look Attractive To Your Husband: How To Be More Attractive To My Husband

Marriage is a wonderful part of a person's life when they are in a happy marriage. There is nothing better than to live your life with a spouse that you love and cherish. But generally it had being seen that a feeling of sexual desire and attraction that every duet goes through at the time of courtship often turns into the bitter and acrimonious divorces. Still, this matter doesn't be left in that way and you can learn to make your hubby love you - eternally.

First and foremost, you yourself must be happy. It is highly observed that your good mood always lead a positive effect on your soul mate. Secondly, pay attention to your looks, the way you dress and keep yourself overall fit. Give yourself that lift so that you would hear the 'bells of attraction' towards you, ringing in your husband's heart all too soon.

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Thirdly, retain your personal identity at any costs. Although every husband appreciates a dedicated wife, but they don't want a doting wife who is always... right there. Indulge yourself in activities that don't involve him. Fourthly, try to retrospect and mulled over the qualities in you that attracted him towards you.

Fifthly, Make sure that your house is in order. Clear away the clutter and spend time decorating the house. Sixth, is to keep him happy between the sheets. It is important for you to keep in mind that sex is man's need. Therefore, do not refuse him if he wants to make love with you.

Lastly, stop nagging. We all hated it when our parents nagged us when we were kids. So why would you do the same to hubby. Being a good wife has its advantages. Make your husband happy and you will make yourself happy in the process.

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It's a fact that every married couple will experience problems. It's only natural to have problems in a marriage, because both you and your spouse had your own individual problems before you tied the knot. So when you got married both you and your spouse added even more problems to each others lives.

The good news is if you and your spouse can face these problems and overcome them you'll be able to enjoy a much stronger bond between the both of you, thus making your marriage better than before.

One of the first tips for solving problems in a marriage is to keep an open line of communication at all times. If you and your spouse can't talk about the issues you're dealing with then it will be impossible to rescue your marriage. Despite how uncomfortable the topic may be, you have to begin discussing these issues that present themselves inorder to solve them before it reaches a point where the damage done is permanent.

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With that being said, the second tip is to really listen while you're discussing these issues. Since it is going to take both you and you spouse to make solutions for your problems you must listen to what your spouse has to say.

Of course when you're communicating about these issues arguments will happen. However, instead of getting involved with empty arguments that involves a lot of yelling you should take time out to allow things to cool down.

Another tip for solving marriage problems is to compromise every chance you get. When you can't come to a solution for a problem you should try to meet your spouse halfway. When you compromise you both win.

Finally, if solving the problems in your marriage is more difficult than you thought then it may be wise to get someone to play a mediator. Getting help is a great way to come to a better understanding of how to tackle these problems.

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What men want is a woman who doesn't prioritize her husband. This might seem sort of counter-intuitive, but bear with me. You'll see what I mean after a while. In our Western society, it's not as important for the woman to follow her man around like a lovesick puppy. In fact, the opposite is what men usually find desirable in their woman: independence. That's an example of the woman putting herself first. Below, I'll talk about a few more examples of the putting the husband second that us guys actually prefer that way.

1. Woman first, man second

As I already said in the opening paragraph, women who place themselves before their man generally appear more desirable to the man. He has to perpetually work for her attention (even if he doesn't know it) and that will put the woman on a higher pedestal.

This could be something as simple as the woman walking down her career path (woman who are ambitious are attractive), or the woman working out regularly every week (woman who are physical fit and physically attractive).

Although it's important to respect the man's wishes, it's equally as important, if not more important for the woman to respect herself first.

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2. Family first, man second

You should tread carefully around this point. I don't mean to alienate the man from the family. You always want unity in the family.

What I'm of course referring to is a woman who clearly values her children and family life more than spending time with her husband. The husband has to work for her time. That way, when he does get it, he heaps a lot more value onto it, making it more enjoyable for the two of them.

But not only that; I don't know if it's just me, but I find the transformation process from the "girlfriend" mentality to the "wife" mentality fascinating. To see my wife, day in day out, look after our daughter is inspiring. It does make me feel more affectionate towards her, as a husband.

3. Friends first, man second

This seems to contrast with the previous point, but if anything, it should reinforce the importance of having a different focus in life to attract the things that you really want.

A man whose wife goes out to have fun with her girlfriends is desirable, because, again, she's hard to get a hold of. Being with her girlfriends also keeps her fun-loving. She will attract men and having men there who are into her will create that sense of competition that drives us guys to keep trying harder.

I'm not saying to manipulate your man, I'm just saying that you've got to prioritise yourself occasionally, for the sake of your marriage.

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When you are having trouble in your marriage, you naturally start looking for answers. You'll soon find that everyone has advice. While they mean well, they may be giving you the wrong advice. How are you supposed to know if you should heed the advice?

Relationship quizzes are one of the most harmful things that you can do to yourself and your relationship. These quizzes are general - they are based on the assumption that all relationships are the same - one marriage has the same problems as another. This simply isn't so. While your problems may be similar to others, your options of fixing those problems vary greatly.

Friends mean well, but are they taking 'sides'? If they are your friends, they have YOUR best interests in mind. The same goes for your spouse's friends. Biased advice isn't reliable, because what may work well for you may not work at all with your spouse. You have to do what works best for BOTH of you.

The internet is full of advice. Some advice is from a man's point of view, other advice is from a woman's. Most of this marriage advice is given when someone is having a problem with their marriage, or has had a problem and has resolved it. the advice may be helpful, but again - it helped THEIR marriage, no one can say if it will work for yours.

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If someone just broke up, and wants to vent about their relationship, they may write a blog about it. You have to remember that blogs are mainly online journals. If you happen to wonder to a blog, keep that in mind.

Your marriage is different. Every marriage is different. The two of you have your own ways of communicating. You have your own ways of dealing with problems. Some of those ways work, some don't. That's what makes a marriage. Disagreements are healthy. What is NOT healthy is when those disagreements are constant. That is when you start looking for marital advice.

You could go to a marriage counselor. If you are lucky enough to get your spouse to agree to go to one, you both have to be prepared to open up completely. Absolutely nothing can be kept quiet, or the therapy won't help. Therapists can also get very expensive, so this may not be an option for some couples.

When your marriage is in trouble, there are many ways to get advice. The best thing that you can do is to take that advice and apply it to your marriage, adapting it to suit your and your spouse's individual personalities.

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