My Husband Finds Me Unattractive: How To Stay Attractive To Your Husband

When you realize your husband is not attracted to you anymore, it can be a very tough time for you. What you might not know, however, is that you have just taken a big step into making him love you again and repairing your marriage by simply realizing things aren't well. When their husband falls out of love with them, most wives either don't realize it at all or they simply ignore it until their husband says he wants to divorce them.

If your husband is not attracted to you anymore, you need him to know how much the "romance" is important to you. We are women and when we are married, we love to assume the mother role in preference to the "wife" role; cooking, looking after kids etc. Being a wife is much more important when it comes to the romantic love your husband has for you. So, starting from today make an effort to arrange some time you will spend with your husband alone. The matter of kids can easily be solved by either doing this after they go to bed, or arranging a relative to look after the kids for a couple of hours so you and your husband can spend time alone.

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When you realize that your husband isn't in love with you, you might feel the need to blame him for this. But it is the wrong approach as you surely have changed throughout the marriage. Look at yourself - can you say that you haven't changed one bit? When those changes are too much, you husband might not feel that attraction to the "new" you. Think carefully and I am sure you can find tens of different things about which you have changed. While nobody is the same at all ages, and you can't be the old you again; you might try to regain those positive qualities you had previously but lost during the course of the marriage.

Don't forget - even if your husband is not attracted to you anymore, he was once. It is entirely in your hands to recreate that situation again!

Be the loving wife you used to be - and cast away that "mother" inside you. You want to be a romantic figure, not a motherly figure if you want your husband to fall in love with you again - be what you were when you first married!

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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It can be tough to listen to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with say they don't want to be with you any more. You are probably wondering how did it come to this point? Problems that were left unattended in your marriage is most likely the cause of your relationship with your spouse reaching this stage.

The romance, affection, and respect is no longer present in your marriage. If you want to know how to fix your marriage after your spouse told you they're done, take a look at the following 3 tips.

The first tip is a simple one. This tip involves loving your spouse unconditionally. You have to make the decision to love unconditionally if you want to save your marriage. What this means is you are going to love your spouse for who they are and not try to change them.

Don't focus on trying to change your spouse and how they feel. Instead, you should focus on changing yourself. Focus on changing your attitude, your ideas, and your actions towards your spouse. This is a simple but important tip, because you must work harder to become a better spouse.

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The second tip is to play your role. If you are a husband, act like a husband. If you are a wife, you should act like a wife. As a husband, you must understand your role as a strong husband. Give support to your wife and communicate with her openly and honestly. The husband's role is to be the leader in the marriage and allow your wife to follow you. When you give your wife 100%, she will give you 110%.

The wife's role in a marriage is to be a loving wife and give your husband intimacy. Take the role as a supporting wife by attending sporting events with your husband, or watching the game with him. As the wife you should be a symbol of support, and show your husband admiration. When you play this role you will notice a quick change in your husband's attitude and he will love being around you.

Finally, the third and last tip to save your marriage is to workout the issues in your relationship together. Don't argue, just communicate with one another about past errors and mistakes. Talk about specific issues and take your time to work through them.

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Just because your marriage is having problems right now does NOT mean it is failing. Marital problems can sometimes be very bad, but they CAN be resolved. There are some things to look out for, though, if you really do think your marriage is failing. And there are things that you can do to save your marriage, and stop a divorce.

One of the biggest signs of a failing marriage is the lack of intimacy. Intimacy isn't necessarily sex. Intimacy is physical contact. A hug or kiss, holding hands, or simply brushing against each other when you pass each other is intimacy. Intimacy in a marriage is a big part of what holds that marriage together.

How to bring intimacy back into your marriage is very easy to do. Simply give your spouse a hug, or tell them that you love them. If you're sitting together on the couch, have a part of your body touching your spouse. This can be you hand, your leg, or you can lean your head on their shoulder. Even subtlle things will bring intimacy back.

Another sign of a failing marriage is if it seems like your spouse is trying to avoid you. They could very well be avoiding you, or it could simply be your imagintaion going overboard, afraid that they are.

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Ask them if something is wrong. It may just be that they are bothered by something at work, or something else. Tell them that you're there for them if they want to talk, and leave it at that. If you try to make them talk to you, they're only going to drift further away from you.

Are the two of you arguing a lot? Believe it or not, arguing can be a good sign. If the two of you argue, it means that you care enough about the other person to disagree with them.

A couple on the verge of divorce may never argue. They may think that their marriage is over anyway, what's the sense in arguing? That's not always the case, of course, but it often is.

Is your partner lying to you? Or vice-versa? Withholding truth in a marriage can quickly lead to its destruction. Even if it something you think could anger or sadden your spouse, you should be honest with them. They will be much more angry or sad if you're not honest now, and whatever it is that you're hiding leads to a divorce.

The two of you are married, and have probably been married for a while now. You can both tell when each other is lying. Never try to hide things from your spouse, and be sure to let them know that they can come to you with anything, as well.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is a woman who knows it when she's wrong. Whenever there's a problem, there's a good chance that the man is in the wrong. Maybe it's not because he's actually the one at fault, it could be because he's better suited to solving the problem or dealing with it. For a woman to admit that she was wrong and to apologise to a man I find is not as common as the the way around (unless the wife has self-esteem issues). If you aren't acknowledging that you're in the wrong enough, you could be jeopardizing your marriage. Know when to say sorry and when to stand your ground with the tips below.

1. Remember the conversation

It's incredible how often arguments arise out of simple miscommunication or misunderstanding. It's frustrating for a man when a woman can't remember what she's said, or tries to change things that she's said, just to make it seem like she's in the right (not to say that men don't do this, we tend to just forget). Some of my friends have expressed similar frustrations. Don't turn it into a bigger problem. If you're wrong, admit it. Then we can move on.

I've had an issue where my wife (then girlfriend) wanted to meet up for lunch. She then didn't come out, thinking that she said dinner. It was an honest mistake, but I was still peeved at her, having come all the way out for nothing. Having someone in the wrong should be acknowledged quickly, then both parties should move on.

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2. Matter of opinion

This is a harder one. When something comes down to opinion, there is never a right or wrong... until one person says that they're right. You want to be able to discuss something with your wife like a civilised person. You don't want to get defensive about whatever you're talking about. Make sure that you can separate fact from fiction and emotion from logic.

The last thing you want is for there to be tears over something that isn't worth fighting about. In this case, the person who starts the "my opinion is righter than yours" argument is in the wrong. They should apologise.

These are the two main ways to be wrong in a relationship. Remember, being wrong and acknowledging it is important in a relationship. Argue, but don't fight. We're all human and imperfect. You didn't marry your man to not argue. It's part of the deal. Just remember to admit it if you're wrong and we'll be happy that our woman won't become a stubborn grandma who thinks she's always right.

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