Currently, when the Coronavirus Pandemic is wreaking havoc all over the world, online drugstore can be your lifesaver. This saves you the trip to a pharmacy, as well as, possibly, the COVID-19 infection. You just need to place the order on the website of the pharmacy and then wait for the delivery of medicines at your doorstep.

Are you someone who needs the medicines badly however, can’t purchase them since you are stuck indoors during enhanced community quarantine? Or is there no drugstore near your place? Now, this is where online medicine delivery comes into the picture as you do not need to go out as well as possibly exposing yourself to the deadly virus.

Have a look at these 6 online drug stores from where you can conveniently get your medicine delivered –
1. Getmeds –
The online company takes care of regular refills periodically through recording patients’ health cycles along with reminding them of medication, diagnostics, and medication requirements at the specified intervals. GetMeds is the online delivery pharmacy in the country which offers medications to individuals with chronic disorders like diabetes, arthritis, cardiac care, liver issues, Asthma, and Hypertension etc.

The company’s main focus is on offering world-class medication services and inexpensive healthcare to people. It provides you with the comfort of receiving required medicines without having to leave your house. GetMeds always aims to be the most comprehensive, people-centric, and credible Medicine home delivery service providers throughout the country. Also, it aspires to provide you with everything you need for taking care of your wellness by offering a wide variety of options from generics to brand for over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to prescription medicines.

2. Mercury Drug –
The Company has been providing the clients with the online ordering system since 2003 and is among the first online drugstores in the country. Though the Philippines’ top-notch pharmacy chain does not offer medicines, it permits picking up the orders made online at any of its branches. Though this is not as comfortable as the service of online medicine delivery manila, however, the option of order pickup reduces the time spent on lining up in the store.

Don’t have an Internet connection? Fret not as you can place the order through calling the closest Mercury Drug Branch. Also, it is suggested to try the Company’s call order pick-up service for urgent orders. It also offers you flexible payment modes as you can easily pay through Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard).

3. MedGrocer –
It is the FDA-recognized start-up online drugstore as well as clinic management service. A huge part of its earnings goes to the funding medications for distinctive medical missions that are being supported by MedGrocer. This e-pharmacy provides the clients with the next-day medicine delivery service without the requirement of any minimum order, and this makes it an effective choice among the other online drugstores.

You can place the orders on the MedGrocer site by searching for the required medicines, sending the message, or uploading the prescription. The Company offers nationwide online medicine delivery manila and as far as the delivery fee is concerned, it is PHP 100- PHP 200 (Metro Manila), and PHP 300 (Provincial). In terms of payment modes, the option of cash on delivery is offered to the customers.

4. MedExpress – This is the topmost hospital outpatient pharmacy in the country. This online drugstore provides customers with over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, prescription drugs, medical devices, and medical supplies. The medicine delivery service of MedExpress is available across the nation for the minimum order of PHP 250. While ordering at this drugstore, ensure the fact that you offer every detail so that the order can be processed quicker.

● Contact Number
● Full Nam
● (If applicable) Prescription Copy
● Address
● Any special instruction
● Medicine quantity and name
● (If applicable) Copy of senior citizen ID or PWD ID

It takes within 24-48 hours for delivery and when it comes to the delivery fee, it is free for orders PHP 1000 and more while PHP 50 for orders that are below 1000.

5. AideApp –
In terms of Philippines online pharmacy, the one-stop medical care application, Aide emerges as a convenient healthcare service provider for Filipinos. One can order medications through this app as well as receive them at his/her doorstep with sheer comfort. What’s more? There is no minimum purchase required.

Besides the medicine delivery, the services of this app also include vaccinations, regular checkups, services of nurse for house treatments like insulin injections and childbirth, physical therapy for PWDs and senior citizens, as well as laboratory tests. Its delivery location is Metro Manila while it takes 1-3 days, at least, to deliver the medicine (as per medicine availability). While the delivery fee is PHP 49, payment modes are quite flexible as you pay through GCash, your credit card, and the availability of Cash on delivery is also offered.

6. Rose Pharmacy –
This Company has been in the medicine-selling business since 1952 and has the major store in Mandaue City, Cebu. Currently, when the demand for the Philippines online pharmacy has increased in the market, you can always trust on its efficient home delivery services (with the store pickup option). You can get branded and generic drugs, supplements, vitamins, baby care, personal care, and beauty products through this online store.

The online drugstore also delivers during holidays and weekends in Davao and Cebu, while the delivery service remains open during this time. While it offers the services on a worldwide scale, the delivery time varies and you can expect next-day delivery in case of Davao and Metro Cebu however, it takes 2-3 weeks for delivering medications to the rest of the country.

So, whether you require anything which will better your health, or is in an urgent need of vitamins for boosting your immunity, maintenance medicines for the elderly, you can always take the help of any of these online drugstores which will offer you the same with sheer convenience.

However, as you know that the entire world is facing a lot of issues during the Coronavirus Pandemic, be understanding and patient while buying medicines on the web. Due to Quarantine limitations, online and physical drugstores in the country are impacted by quite limited stocks and manpower. So, stay prepared for waiting longer and trying to face the delivery guy with a mask and a smile on your face.

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