Buddha statues can be found in different poses. Different meanings are conveyed by different poses and hand gestures (also known as mudras). There are over 100 poses illustrating the life of the Buddha. Let us take a look at some of the most common mudras of Buddha.

Meditation Buddha
The most common mudra is that of the Meditation Buddha also known as the Lotus Buddha. It shows Buddha with folded hands face up in his lap, with one hand on top of the other.

Abhaya Mudra
In the Abhaya Mudra, the Buddha has his right hand raised and his palm facing outward. The left hand hangs down by the hips. This mudra represents peaceful intentions and protection.

Bhumisparsha Mudra
Bhumisparsha mudra statues symbolize the Buddha’s enlightenment beneath a Bodhi tree. In this statue, the fingers on the right hand reach toward the Earth, representing the lonely nature of the Buddha’s meditation.

Dhyana Mudra
Dhyana mudra shows the Buddha with one hand or both in his lap, which symbolizes wisdom. Statues depicting Dhyana Mudra may also include ritual items such as an alms bowl.

Dharmachakra Mudra
It shows the Buddha with the index finger and thumb of both hands touching at their tips. This forms a circle which represents the wheel of fate. Thismudra teaches the spiritual laws of the universe.

Varada Mudra
Varada Mudra shows the Buddha with both his hands hanging at waist level. The palms turn outward with the left hand pointing down and the right hand pointing up, symbolizing balance.

Before buying a Buddha statue, understand the reason why you need to buy the statue. It will help you choose the right one among the hundreds of different kinds of Buddha statues. Basically, the reason should be to achieve inner peace. Depending upon the path to achieve what you desire, you can choose from the different Buddha statues. For example, if you want to experience a joy of life, laughing Buddha might be the appropriate one.

A very important thing to check when buying a Buddha statue is whether or not it is a Buddha statue. Many Hindu deities look similar and can be confused with Buddhist images. One of the ways to recognize Buddha statues is to look at the body positions to observe the hand gestures. Always remember to look at the ears of the statue. Real Buddha statues should possess long ears.

Face is the most important factor to look for when buying a Buddha statue. The finer the face painting of the Buddha, the better the quality of the statue. If you choose to buy golden Buddha, make sure that face is primarily painted with 24 k gold by specialist artist.

You also need to consider the carvings of the statue. Hand-carved statues have more detailed artwork. The unique and beautiful hand-carved Buddha statues are originally and exclusively made in Nepal by the Newari artisans.

If you plan to buy Buddha statues online, you need to check the authenticity and quality of the statues very carefully. A major benefit of buying the statues online is that you can get it at a reduced price.

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