We often look at the world as something to be gotten into, to find our place and where we fit. We search until we feel comfortable, stable and right with our place, but sometimes things change. Our group of friends may evolve; we might move or find ourselves just looking again. How do you fit in, find the place in this world for you? People can be guarded, cliquish, and unaccepting of others. How do you reach into a group and find out what holds you there? If you can reach out just a little past your comfort zone to find others, this will help.

Test your strengths by believing in who you are, while finding the interactions you need. Search out what excites you and don’t hold back, others will be there. Find a place that feels good to you, relax and look around, there are other people to meet. Be brave and reach out. Others are looking for the same thing- to connect, to fit in, to feel comfortable, and have friends.

It comes down to pushing your own boundaries a little, trusting it will be okay, and letting yourself meet others. You will find other people will receive you if you are open and honest about who you are. Try not to hide anything about yourself, but be there, be real. Search out what interests you and you will find co-interests. In all of these places are people waiting to find you, all looking to fit in somewhere. Maybe you are the missing piece to their group or they to yours. Be open and accepting in your searching, but most of all always be you.

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I found myself from a very early age always seeking, on a constant quest to understand. I feel most comfortable learning and this desire correlates with a need to connect and help others. That is why in the beginning I chose acupuncture as a career, it seemed like a perfect fit. But I found a lack of compassion directed towards the center of being, not only in myself but others. I ended up in a situation that changed all this. I found who I was and who I am meant to be. It all clicked and came together. My desire for knowledge and eternal desire to really see and help others has brought me to this place in time, to this place with you. Allow me to help you feel complete, like stepping into that perfect spot, that place meant for you in your own life. Connect and feel the difference not only in yourself but in world around you.
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