Before you came across this article you must have tried all you can to forget some one you see everyday but can't get a solution. This article will eventually bring an end to all your emotional pains so you will be happier and healthier as before.

You might be a victim of breakup and you are trying hard to pick up and continues with your life but due to circumstances you see your partner everyday. You might be seeing him/her at the job site, school, the gym, beach, church, road or you might be his/her neighbor, the question now is how do you forget someone you see every day?
Steps in getting over someone you see every day

Accept the reality: the first step toward achieving this goal is for you to accept and stick to the fact that you are no more in any love relationship with that person. S/he might be your boss then let the relationship be completely a boss/employee relationship. If the boss/employee relationship it’s working out then I advise you to start looking for a new job rather than hurting yourself the more.

Keep yourself busy: In my book How to make anyone fall in love with you i explained that if you make yourself available even just by 35% in your victim's activities, s/he will perceive you as a rightful match for his love criteria, but here is the reverse of it. That is, in order to forget someone you see everyday, you’ll have to keep yourself busy. The time you would have spent thinking about him/her, that time will do a lot better if you visit the gym, listen to music, play game watch movies etc… by so doing you actually forget thinking about someone you see everyday.

Avoid being friends: this issue of getting over someone you sees every day is so delicate, for the list error you make will result in you getting back together; therefore you have to avoid being friends as much as you can as this will only be a path way for you falling back in love.

Don’t be jealous: the issue of jealousy actually surrounds our environment such that you might breakup with somebody and at the same time you are jealous to see someone of the opposite sex around that person. If you try to show just an icon of concern to someone you see everyday then you are on your way to ruin everything. Therefore rather than being jealous I’ll advise you should be happy whenever you see someone you are trying to forget with someone else.

Avoid creating any personal relations: this is one important aspect you need to take into consideration when trying to avoid someone you see everyday. If you happen to talk to him/her talk and let everything ends there, just be yourselves, try as much as possible to positive and your dreams of avoiding someone you see every day will just be a nightmare

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