How To Get A Big Penis Size: How To Actually Make Your Penis Bigger

Just like how men view the size of a woman's breasts, women naturally find a larger manhood size on her partner sexually appealing. That is mainly why men dare to spend thousands of dollars to get their male organ artificially enlarged through surgery. But did you know you could actually get a big penis size simply by doing a simple technique by yourself at home?

Forget about splurging large amounts of your hard-earned cash on having surgery. There is a much cheaper but equally (or even more) effective method of increasing the size of your penis.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Start doing regular exercises on your penis

Yes, exactly! Exercising your penis is a great way to realistically make your male organ grow in size naturally. And... it is absolutely easy to do so too.

You only need to make use of your own hands to perform all the exercise routines on your male organ. You don't even need to rely on any expensive gadgets or devices to help you gain several inches to your penis size through exercise.

Let's take one particular routine as an example; all you have to do is to use your fingers to stretch your penis out in various directions (upwards/downwards/left/right). Maintain the stretch for about 20 seconds each time you do so.

It IS as simple as that!

Of course there are several other stretching or massaging routines you ought to perform in order to make the exercise work effectively, but they are equally just as easy to do.

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Exercising your penis works effectively... very effectively!

Don't think for a second that because the exercises seem easy that you would only stand to gain an ignorable amount of size to your manhood.

The fact is, penis enlargement exercise is highly effective. Typically, men would be able to gain as much as 3 additional inches to their male organ within 4 to 6 weeks of exercising!

You see, all the exercise routines you perform on your penis targets one reaction - to split and expand the cells that make up your male organ's blood chambers.

Doing this allows the amount of blood stored in these chambers to gradually increase. As this happens, the erectile tissues enlarge and cause you to get a big penis size.

And because cells naturally do not shrink in size, neither will your penis - every bit of gain in size you experience will last for good!

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I'm going to drop a bombshell here, the various anti-pills, patches, and general supplements for penis enlarging. Some men realize the idea of a magical pill which increases the size of your manhood is a bit far-fetched, but the prospect of easily increasing your penis size are too good to pass up for some. Because of this, the companies who manufacture these products have become obscenely wealthy in the years since they first surfaced on the market.

The backlash is finally catching up to them, however, and the FCC has begun to come after these companies. Magical pills aside, this article will look at three truly effective penis enlarging methods which guarantee results and will weight the pros and cons of each.

First, penis stretchers have been around and popular for many years now. Just as it sounds, you attach specific light weights to your penis and hang them from it to stretch it out over time. Truthfully, some men do experience some small gains in penis enlarging from this method. On the other end, the negatives and risks far outweigh the benefits which you might receive. You can easily cause permanent nerve damage, impotence, and the erectile dysfunction simply because your penis was not meant to be stretched out or have any weight put on it whatsoever, and consequently no medical professionals recommend or support this form of enlargement.

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Surgery is another penis enlarging option which has been around for many years. Truthfully, only about half of the penis is outside of the body. The other half is needlessly up inside of the body and in a fairly simple surgical procedure, a ligament is released so that about another inch on average extends outwards from the body. This is of course very expensive and the recovery procedure is very specific as if you do something wrong in that time, you can heal incorrectly and more of your penis can actually go back up inside the body.

Finally, there are penis exercises which you can perform which work to gently force more blood into the penis so that the tissues can hold more blood and consequently you experience larger and firmer erections. If done correctly, this can be a safe and effective way of penis enlarging permanently because most men's penises and the chambers within it are not able to naturally by default hold their maximum capacities of blood, so these exercises work as an effective way of tapping into that full potential.

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While most women claim size is not a factor, the greater truth is that inadequate size makes it more difficult for her to have pleasurable sex with her partner. From a male point of view, most men want to please and even impress their partner with their size. Because of this, a number of remedies have come out onto the market to address this problem.

This article will identify four of the most popular methods of how to increase your penis size investigate and validate or disprove them individually.

Penis weights are the first method of how to increase your penis size which has been around for many many years. This dates back to the tribesmen of Africa doing it as they saw penis size as a reflection of courage and strength. As you would assume, the process entails attaching light weights to the glans of your penis and stretching out over time while you gradually increase the weight.

This is a proven way to increase size, but it must be done professionally as if done incorrectly it can cause serious and he reversed able damage to your organs and is therefore virtually never recommended by any medical professional.

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Secondly, many men are familiar with the surgical procedure of how to increase your penis size. This procedure involves going into the body and releasing a ligament from the penis so that more of it protrudes outwards from the body to give you extra length. Only about half of the penis is really outside of the body with the other half inside, so this is an effective way to add about an inch on average to your overall protruding length, though the cost and recovery process are both serious and considerable.

Supplements are arguably the most popular method of how to increase your penis size on the market, but ironically it's also the least effective. These pills claim to increase size by containing ingredients which increase the amount of blood flow and capacity in the tissue of the penis. This has been proven to work in theory, but none of these supplements offer any ingredients which have any bearing on the tissues, and none of them have been approved by the FDA.

Penis exercises are the final method of how to increase your penis size which work much like the supplements claim to in that they involve bringing more blood to the chambers and tissues of your penis. This is effective because these chambers do not hold their maximum capacity by default and need these exercises to work as a stimulus to realize their full potential.

If done correctly, these exercises can be as safe way of gently breaking down cell walls so they reform in greater capacity so that you experience stronger and larger erections and size even when flaccid.

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Inadequate size causes many men great anxiety each year. There are a number of solutions on the market today which but only a few of these actually work. This article will confirm or debunk how to increase penis size with three ways with some you may have heard of and others he may not have.

Surgery is the first option of how to increase penis size which some men choose. In this procedure, more of the penis is able to protrude from the body. This is effective because about half of the penis is actually inside of the body, this procedure works to bring more of it out to give you a larger appearance overall.

While this promises lasting results, the recovery process is very specific and must be done correctly otherwise you could end up with more of it inside than you began with, not to mention that this procedure is costly.

Supplements are another popular method which have been on the market for number of years now of how to increase penis size. I'm sure we've all seen commercials for male enhancement drugs which promise to increase your size simply by popping a pill once a day. Unfortunately, there are no magic cures to increase size overnight.

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Although these drugs claim to increase size by increasing the amount of blood which the tissue of your penis can hold, which this is a scientifically backed explanation for increasing size, none of these drugs contain any ingredients which have any effect on increasing this figure at all. It should also be known that none of these pills have been reviewed and approved by the FDA.

There are also number of exercises of how to increase penis size which a man can perform on his own which work much like the pills do in that they increase the amount of blood which the chambers and tissue of your penis can hold.

This is done by firmly but gently massaging typically the base of the penis in a certain way to gently break down cellular walls and increase the amount of blood flow which they can hold when they rebuild themselves.

If done correctly, the this can be an effective and permanent way to increase your size by a little bit. This works because most men's tissue in their penis does not hold it maximum capacity without this stimulus, and there is a limit which can be reached at which point you will not experience gains anymore, but in the meantime there are things which you can do to increase that size and capacity to its maximum.

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