You realize after breaking off with your spouse, you still have feelings for your ex. You start to wonder if getting back together after separation is still possible. If you have made a choice to win back your ex, you should let go of the past and find out the best ways to get back together.

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

I would assume that this period of separation has given you enough time to analyze the problems in the relationship. Getting back together after separation will also need an efficient plan for a new start and make sure that the old problems that led to separation are totally eliminated.

Show your ex that you have changed
You cannot expect your ex to get back together with you if the problems still exist. Just by telling him or her you have changed is not enough. Prove to your ex on the positive changes that you have made for patching up the relationship.

Keep the communication lines open
Be precise and honest when communicating with your ex. This will help to let your ex understand what you want and also develop back the close bonding in the relationship. When your ex is starting to feel a difference in the communication, this can possibly lead to getting back together after the separation again.

Listen, care and share
When couples quarrel in a relationship, they tend not to listen and ignore. Patching back a relationship will need you to be a great listener. Be patient to listen to their worries, be there to care and share your advice. Rebuild their trust and confidence in you again.

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Being ignored is definitely devastating especially if done in the presence of others. But more than the hurt of being ignored is the fact, that you strongly want her back. Experiment with the thrill of dealing with some attempts at getting her back.

Give her space to overcome the hurt

Your ex too must feel a lot of hurt which prompts her to ignore you whenever she sees you. Overlook this with a smile and move ahead with your activities as though you have not noticed her ignore you. She needs her space to overcome the hurt.

Bring in visible changes in yourself

Don't waste your time while you afford her the space she needs. Analyze where your fault lay and bring in visible changes in those directions in yourself. So when you do start to woo her again she should be able to see the distinct change in you.

Woo her as you had the first time

There's no harm in starting afresh once again as a completely new chase. Pursue her and woo her the way you had, the very first time. Bring in fun too by introducing yourself and asking about her. Thrill her with these new ways of wooing her.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Don't look desperate, rather show life moves on

So woo her as though it's a new pursuit, but do not look desperate as though life has come to a halt for you. Move ahead with the other things that keep you actively busy and let your ex see that you want her back but not at the cost of begging.

Apologize if you hurt her

Apologize if you hurt her; that will only go to show your greatness. You do not lose face or dignity in apologizing, remember. As a matter of fact it will make her feel bad about having ignored you intentionally or in the presence of others. It will soften her towards you.

Keep away if she still ignores you

In spite of having apologized to her accepting your fault, your ex girlfriend does not relent and continues to ignore you then you need to take a stand to maintain your self respect. Henceforth be cordial if you happen to bump into her or come across her.

The best would be to move ahead

It would now be best to move ahead with your life the way you want to with new activities and friends. And if your ex girlfriend turns around and you still feel inclined then go ahead and renew your relationship.

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After the breakup you find it difficult to face your ex as feelings of guilt, shame, and anger cloud your mind. In this confusion you end up acting in such a way that it gives them the pleasure of knowing that they are affecting you. Here is how you can effectively deal with your ex and not look pathetic.

Stay away for a while
If you can't handle the breakup and feel that you have still come to terms with the past events then the best thing for you to do is get away for a while till such time that you have a firm handle on your emotions. This break from your surroundings will refresh your mind and put things in the right perspective.

Don't try to hide your feelings
Get back to your surroundings and boldly move around your ex. If you come face to face with your ex don't try to hide your feelings. Keeping it bottled will worsen the situation and it is not such a bad idea to let out steam and vent your feelings. However, make sure you don't create a big scene. Releasing pressure will ensure you get back to your normal self soon.

Focus on something else
Another way you can try forgetting about the breakup is by focusing on something else so that your mind is distracted. Take up something interesting that you wanted to do but delayed all this time. It could be anything from a sporting activity to singing or dancing or learning a new musical instrument. Do what your heart desires.

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

Increase your friend circle
Consciously increase your friend circle so that you don't have to bank on common friends that will remind you of your past relationship and your ex. Meet new guys and girls that are dashing and know how to have fun.

Look within for happiness
Happiness is a state of mind and if you want to be happy you have to look and find it within yourself. External factors cannot afford you permanent happiness and peace of mind. Things that make you look good and feel confident will make you happy and therefore focus on your health, academics or your profession.

Forgive and forget
The best strategy is to forgive and forget your ex. This way you can put the past firmly behind you so that it does not affect your present. Once you show a big heart and forgive your ex he/she will no longer affect you and you will be comfortable around him/her.

Move on
Start taking baby steps to move on in life. Start by mixing with members of the opposite sex and begin to have fun once again. You will soon forget about your past and start looking at the future.

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A break up is something one has to deal with at some point in their lives; it makes you feel vulnerable and emotional as you are missing your partner. All the feelings that you are experiencing makes it all the more difficult for you to deal with the situation, and you want to just hear his/her voice. Here are the ways to help you out.

Make yourself busy
Keep your day packed with activities so that your mind is too busy to think of your ex. I know this is easier said than done, but keeping yourself busy and amidst people will surely help.

Delete your ex's number
To stop you from calling him/her delete their number from your phone list. Make it difficult for yourself to call them to get over the urge in your moment of weakness.

What if he/she does not reply
Think how foolish you would look if your ex does not bother to respond to your calls. Do not humiliate yourself for someone who does not even care for you. You don't want him thinking that you are hurting and desperate for his company.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Cultivate new hobbies/interests
Fill up your free time by getting involved with a new hobby that interests you. Enroll yourself in baking classes or learn scuba diving, I mean, what ever that takes your fancy so that you are left with no spare time. Not only will you learn something new, it will be a big confidence booster too as you get the feeling of accomplishing something.

Surround yourself with people
Don't remain alone if you feel tempted to call your ex. If you are with friends and family all the time there are less chances of picking up the phone to make that call. Moreover you are busy socializing with them and that can take your mind off your ex.

Remind how badly they treated you
Remind yourself of the breakup and how insensitive they had been to you, and the pain they caused you. Remembering all the upsetting things they told you should make your resolve firm about not calling them. Remember that you don't want to give them the satisfaction of knowing how much this breakup is affecting you.

Be in the company of your friends
Do not sit and cry over someone who has been uncaring about your feelings. Go out and meet up with your friends, make plans to go to clubs or movies and try to enjoy. Your friends will take care of you in your tough times.

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Now you can stop your break up or lover’s rejection...even if your situation seems hopeless! Visit How to Get Your Ex Back

There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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