The search for positive results and increased revenue amid the high competitiveness of the market has led companies to start operating following a set of specific characteristics that facilitate their differentiation among other organizations in the sector. These characteristics are known as mission, vision and values.

The functioning of a company is based on the definition of its mission as an organization, that is, on its objectives as a company, on the forecast of achievements and, mainly, as it expects to be seen by the market in which it operates. The vision is responsible for guiding the company based on these fundamentals and the values ​​for guiding it.

For a company to achieve its planned goals, its employees need to know exactly where to go. In other words, they need to know and, more than that, absorb the mission they work from, based on an understanding of what they expect from their employees. For detail please visit

How to make this connection in an assertive way?

The mission is the purpose of your organization. It must be inspiring in order to help your employees work together towards a common goal - which you must also set. Think about what makes your company unique and how it stands out from other players in the market. Use these characteristics to develop it.

How can I define my company's vision and values?

To create the company's vision, simply answer the questions “what does my company wants to become and where do we want to go?” Unlike the mission, the vision is created for a predetermined period of time, as it can change over time, according to the moment the organization lives. The definition of values, on the other hand, must be based on the principles that will guide the behavior of employees in the pursuit of their objectives so that the company can carry out its mission and seek to achieve its vision.

How do I present the mission to my employees?

The mission, vision and values ​​statement helps the company to inspire, engage and motivate its employees. When employees do not know the mission of the company where they work, they really walk in different ways, in search of different results. Therefore, after defining it, it is essential to promote an alignment on the role and collaboration of each employee within the organization. The leader has a fundamental role in this awareness, with the main objective of ensuring that his team always follows the mission when making decisions and developing tasks.

How do I find out if my employees understand my company's mission?

Climate surveys can be applied periodically to verify the immersion of its employees with the company's culture. In the survey, just include questions like "do you know what the company's mission is?" Or "do you know how you contributed to the company's mission?” If the result of the questions is not satisfactory, outline communication and engagement strategies on the topic, such as sharing news and promoting campaigns that explore the company's mission, as well as its vision and values.

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