I sincerely believe that we would have world peace and that this earth would be a virtual "Garden of Eden" if every person on the planet were getting paid to do what they really love to do instead of "working" for a living.

I believe that beneath the many exterior displays of anger, depravity, despair, and hopelessness is a sense of regret and irritation at not being able to fully live the life we were meant to live...the freedom to BE...

Instead of focusing on the many reasons WHY you may now be working a "job" instead of "being your calling", I want to share a little about how to get from "here" to "there"...that is to say, how do you make the transition from your present job to your "calling"?

Well, first, you must understand that you are NOT just this human body, or personality named "Joe" or "Sally"...you MUST KNOW that you are ONE with The CREATOR (Universe, God, Spirit, All, whatever is comfortable for you). You must lay the mental cornerstone that you and what you worship are ONE. This is the foundation upon which EVERYTHING you do must be built. Knowing that you are ONE with ALL POWER then allows you to know that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Next, you must understand that you have a built in compass that can help you align with what it is you were meant to do...that compass is your emotions and is the fragrance that arises from the plants (thoughts) that are planted in your SoulGarden (subconscious mind). You see, built within your subconscious is a compass that is automatically tuned to what it is you were "meant to do" in this life...your emotions have always tried to guide you to your destination, but you have let this physical reality fool you into believing you must "work for a living", and thus you have inadvertantly planted mental "weeds" in your Garden that have distorted your guidance.

So how do you get through the "weeds" to your destination?

Pay close attention to how you "feel".

If you are at work and feel frustrated, and you absolutely know that it's time to make a transition, think to yourself "What can I do, that I really want to do,and makes me feel good doing it?"

FIRST: Take a piece of paper. At the top, write "My Perfect Day". Then make a list of everything you would do in your perfect day, if you did not have to "work", but had the opportunity to do what "makes you feel good" for a living. Would you meditate? Read more books? Learn to play an instrument?

SECOND: Research and write out exactly what you need to do to accomplish each of the things you would like to do in your perfect day, thereby setting mini-goals.

THIRD: EVERYDAY, without exception, do at least ONE THING towards accomplishing each of your mini-goals.

What you will find is that the more you start actually doing things that make you feel good, the better you will feel overall. Then, as you begin to accomplish each of your mini-goals, you will build momentum...as the completed mini-goals become MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS then you wil have created another vital ingredient for your psyche: CONFIDENCE.

And once you have built up CONFIDENCE, you CAN DO ANYTHING.

So, remember:

1)You are ONE with The Universe and thus have ALL POWER BEHIND YOU...
2)Make a list of what you would do in your "Perfect Day"...
3)Set mini goals that will FOCUS your POWER on bringing forth your Perfect Day...
4)Watch your CONFIDENCE grow as you accomplish each goal...

And please get started asap...I'd like world peace in my lifetime (smile).

For more on knowing the Truth about Who you REALLY are, you can purchase my e-book "The Hand of The Creator" (link below)


Author's Bio: 

I am one of 8 children, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I moved around quite a bit as a youngster and lived in some of the worst socio-economic neighborhoods in the city. I graduated from high school and eventually went on to earn my Bachelors of Science in Psychology (University of Cincinnati) and later my certification in Professional Coaching (Coaches Institute International). I am also a Yellow Belt, Lean Six Sigma (Process Improvement). I have spent 15 years in the corporate world as both a team member and a leader, and one thing I learned through all of my experiences was how big a part imagination and focus played in the designing of my destiny. I’ve read many books, tried many forms of yoga and meditation, and have researched quite a bit. I do not hold any specific religious or social belief–I am a conglomerate of what I have studied and what has been confirmed in MY life. I am currently working on my Masters in Metaphysical Science. I have written one e book, "The Hand of The Creator".