Websites must have visual content if they are to gain any momentum in search engine result pages. As such, you need to ensure that your images are optimized for search engines. Just having an image is not going to get it seen, you must take the right steps. Here is what you need to know to get good rankings in Google Images for Small Business SEO.


The first consideration needs to be resolution. People tend to search for high definition photos or for photos of a certain size (if you are selling the image). Include the image size in your alt text so that the search engine can pick that up. You may also want to have the size in pixels included in your image description. Make sure that you stick to the standard sizes and resolution so that people will want to see and use your content. For print, 150 is ideal, web is 72 at the least, magazine and HD needs to be 300 dpi or higher. What you do not want is to have a pixelated image as this will gain poor reviews, negative feedback, and in some cases reporting of the image to Google.

Image descriptions need to have keyword strands

Instead of using singular key words on your image description, use longer strands of words. For example, if you have a picture of a Steak from Joe’s Stake House in Miami, put that as your image title. Do not simply put Steak. The more unique you can make the description, the better. Keep in mind that while the search engines will pick up the singular word, it is far more likely that your image will be seen if you are descriptive with the text.

Make the image sharable and likeable

The more popular an image, the higher it will show in the Google rankings. Allowing people to share, pin, and comment on your image will boost the organic content associated with the image. Ensure that you have monitoring turned on (if you can) as there are those which will try to build negative content for your image. The best way to build the popularity of an image is to post it socially and then encourage sharing the image with friends and reposts.

Have original images

If you have a website which is filled with stock images, then your SEO will suffer for it. Stock images are free for a reason. Even if you are paying a small fee, the odds of you getting a high SERP from your images is very low. Google’s algorithm will see the image and say “oh, I have seen that before” and move on to try to find new content. If all of your images are duplicates of what others have offered, then the images may not even be a factor for the search engine when it makes your search engine results.

Have unique pictures to boost your rankings in google images. You can either purchase photos from a freelancer or professional photographer, or you can take them yourself. If you are using illustrations, have a graphic artist make original content (avoiding clip art) for the best results with Guaranteed SEO Services.

Do not embed your images

Embedding your images sometimes converts the picture into code rather than leaving it as an image. This means that Google will not see the image as being a picture but rather as being part of the webpage coding. It will get skipped. Have your images in your image folder (and at a size which does not cause your webpage slow loading times as that will affect your SERPs as well) and labeled appropriately.

When you use a slideshow or other such widget, try to find one which allows you to tag and add image descriptions. If the widget gets written into the java or php without allowing for the images to be processed as images, it is pointless to have them on your site, apart from perhaps aesthetic purposes.

Link to other images

When you make your image description, be sure to have a see similar link. This will allow not only the current image to receive SEO but also increase the SEO of another image as you will have a link/call to action. Be sure not to go overboard with the description and linking. Keep it simple for the best results.

Post your image somewhere frequently to keep the SEO active

Dormant content is dead content. If you want your images to be in the top rankings on Google, then they need to be posted somewhere active. Images which are used in blogs and on social media do far better than static images on a page which have not been updated or commented on in months. Facebook, tweet, pin, and post for the best SEO on your images.

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