Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms which is being used to promote your business online. Whether you are a well-established brand or a newcomer in the industry, Instagram is one of the social tools that you can use to promote your business visibility.

For that, you need more and more Instagram followers who can support you in promoting your brand and make you popular. But what’s the real trick to getting more Instagram followers?

To get more followers on Instagram do the following things:

Customize Your Insta Profile: The foremost necessity for a promotional Instagram profile is completing your profile that can build authority over the internet and make it look real, associated with a specific brand. Your Instagram display picture, username, description, website URL, etc are some of the essential things that you should do before building any promotional strategy. It’s better to go through your profile as a normal user and diagnose any pitfalls that can help you improve your profile.

Use Instagram Stories: The Instagram stories have come out to be the most effective tool for business conversion. Use various stories templates available online and use them to promote your special products/services. As an addon, you can bind the stories with a link back to your website (only for accounts with above 10,000 followers), converting your Instagram followers into customers.

Focus on Quality: Obvious when we are competing in the digital world, quality will make a big difference in our efforts from others. For quality, you can adopt any of the tools like Adobe Lightroom, to make your pics look more appealing and realistic. If you are still not able to draw a good amount of followers to your channel, you can use Social10x to boost your followers' count and get more attention on Instagram.

Use Hashtags & Mentions: Those who are still skipping the use of Hashtags and Mentions, are still using the outdated tactics to promote their business via Instagram. The hashtags and mentions are two strong weapons that can bring a hike in your Instagram analytics. Be smart while using the hashtag and never forget to mention anyone you are using in your Insta message.

Use New Updates Smartly: There are some new updates hovering on the Internet like Instagram Polls, carousel, Shopping Stickers, Questions, etc. which you can easily use to make your stories look distinct and eye candy. You can use your creativity to boost its reach and get more followers in your bucket. However, it’s important to avoid making a mess in order to keep it simple but effective.

Use Paid Campaigns: If you are not settled with the slow and steady growth, you can even try investing money on Instagram Ads and get more followed. Here you need a bit of expertise to select your Ads audience to get more conversion. You can either hire a professional team to setup Insta Ads and get maximum results.

So, these are some of the ways you can follow in 2019 to increase your Instagram followers and grow your business.

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